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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Do I Need Strategic Planning Software?

[fa icon="calendar'] July 02 / by Jason Heckl posted in technology, strategy, productivity

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In today’s ever changing business environment led by technological advancement and a shift in the nature of supply and demand, some organizations are being left behind while others thrive. Some cling to old methodologies and technologies while others are stuck in constant pursuit of the next new thing. While there is no one ‘right way’ to run an organization, we can be sure of one thing: The organizations that survive and prosper will be the ones that are quick on their feet to adapt in the face of change.

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How Your Organization's Communication Flow is Being Disrupted

[fa icon="calendar'] June 11 / by Jason Heckl posted in communication, productivity, Organization

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In any organization, efficient communication internally is a driving factor of success and employee morale. When employees are able to understand each other, they’re able to work better together and therefore create a better experience for the customers as well. A strong communication flow allows a message to go from top to bottom, laterally, and even diagonally across departments. However, having an effective communication flow is easier said than done.

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How to Monitor and Track Your Strategic Plan Progress: Interview with Carl Cox

[fa icon="calendar'] April 19 / by Anthony Taylor posted in strategic planning tools, productivity, goals, accountability, measurement

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In this episode of our Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we were joined by Carl Cox who is the CEO for Cascade Strategy North America. Originally an accountant and CFO, Carl started off as a client of Australian based Cascade Strategy. As he developed in his executive roles, he became deeply involved in strategy work and eventually opened Cascade’s US office.

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How to Save Time and Money for Your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] August 07 / by Susan Ranford posted in Strategic planning, productivity

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Five Ways Your Organization Will Benefit from Quarterly Strategy Reviews

[fa icon="calendar'] December 27 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, meetings, facilitation, productivity

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We’ve discussed the importance of having a strategic plan and how it can help your organization, but more important than having a plan is going through the planning process. From the initial questions to ask your team, during the meeting, and througout implementation, it’s crucial that your entire team is onboard and aligned on the organization’s strategy.

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Google's Top 5 Ways to Build a Perfect and Productive Team

[fa icon="calendar'] April 26 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy, Business news, culture, productivity

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Leaders want their teams to be productive, and to do so, they need to create an environment for their people and the organization to flourish.

Want to know how one of the best organizations in the world does this? 

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