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Develop Team Clarity and Alignment with Your Strategic plan

Develop a plan that’s actionable for your organization with facilitation assistance to get your entire team on board. Using the Aligned Strategy Development methodology, we’ll work with your team to define your One Destination and develop your strategic plan to reach your goal.


Engaging & Enjoyable

People and processes are both crucial for your organization’s success, so we provide an enjoyable experience for all participants. We incorporate various liberating structures and technologies to help engage your team online or in person.


Experts in Facilitation Modalities

Our leaders are expertly trained in strategic planning and facilitation skills for both online and in-person groups. While we incorporate various tools and technologies in our facilitations, we keep the systems simple and straightforward.


A Focus on Alignment

While a completed strategic plan is important, your strategy is so much more than a document. In order to move a strategy forward, everyone in your organization needs to buy in and be moving in the same direction. Throughout each step of our planning process, we work with your team to generate alignment.



By working with our facilitators, you’ll be able to determine the right strategy from the start, saving precious resources like time, money, and labor in the long run.

What’s Included in Our Basic Strategic Planning Program

  • Five 3-hour virtual strategic plan creation sessions
    • Where are we now? (SWOT and PESTLE)
    • Where are we going? (Vision and mission)
    • What's going to get in our way? (Values and risks)
    • What do we need to do? (Strategic priorities and goals)
    • What's next? (Action and communication planning) 
  • All communications related to the strategic planning sessions
  • Preparation materials ahead of time, including: survey, leadership team interviews, and document review
  • Strategic plan creation training (virtual sessions and homework)
  • A strategic plan outline
  • Pre- and post-meeting calls and notes

Ready to get started?

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