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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

10 Reasons to Deploy Change Management

[fa icon="calendar'] February 18 / by Rohit Chandiramani posted in Change management, strategy, people

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During a typical strategic planning session, leaders sit down to develop a vision for the next few years and a road map detailing how they'll get there. In many cases, organizations realize there are significant changes that must be made in order to reach their ideal future. In this article, we'll break down the important and often necessary reasons to deploy change management within your organization.

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How to Get Your Organization from Point A to B - Interview with Ryan Walter

[fa icon="calendar'] January 28 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Leadership, Change management, podcast

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In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we're joined by Ryan Walter. For over 20 years, Ryan has consulted for organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. His advisory firm, Parrels, helps organizations overcome challenges and undergo transformation. 

Ryan's rich experience guiding organizations through big changes and helping the grow internally makes him a great voice for those about to undergo their own strategic planning process. Like us, he is passionate about helping companies go from point A to point B and the journey in between. 


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How to Communicate During Organizational Change - Interview with Shawn Hall

[fa icon="calendar'] January 10 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Social media, Strategic planning, Change management, communication

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In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we were joined by the Principal of Apogee Public Relations and instructor at UBC's Sauder School of Business, Shawn Hall.

Shawn's vast experience, which includes time as the Director of Social and Media Relations for Telus, has led him to become an expert in reputation management and helping organizations manage change and crises.

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Developing a Strategy for Constant Change - Interview with Jeong Pyon

[fa icon="calendar'] May 10 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Leadership, Change management, podcast

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In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast, we were joined by Jeong Pyon who is the Senior Manager of Group Strategy for an international hotel chain in Vancouver.  Hotel strategy is intertwined with revenue management, with the primary goal focusing on booking rooms to the right market segment. To best achieve this, group strategy managers must understand at both transient and group demands and how to plan strategically around these segments.

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Creating an Inclusive Strategy and Onboarding Your Team: Interview with Neelima Firth

[fa icon="calendar'] December 21 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, Change management, alignment, podcast

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 Neelima Firth has a long background in strategy; starting in biotech and pharmaceuticals, managing small and medium businesses, consulting, and eventually joining the board of the Association of Strategic Planning have led to Neelima becoming greatly experienced in the world of organizational strategy. 

In this interview, Neelima speaks about the importance of inclusion within strategy. Rather than a top down approach, it's better to have your employees and team members participate in the planning process as soon as possible to help create a greater buy-in and a goal oriented company culture.

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Keys to success in culture change and strategy with Alexa Pitoulis.

[fa icon="calendar'] December 12 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Change management, strategic management, culture, podcast

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Alexa Pitoulis is a change management consultant in Vancouver who spent the past few years growing and scaling a non profit called Open Media.

Many of the keys to success in their strategic planning success were transparency, communication and culture change.

In this interview, Alexa speaks about the importance of strategy while managing growth within an organization, as well as crafting organizational culture, while creating a great experience for your people. 

Learn about her strategic planning process, and her best practices for creating culture.

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How to use values to change behaviour

[fa icon="calendar'] November 21 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Change management, culture, organizational development

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As a leader, it's your job to get your people to be on the same page and all moving in the same direction. That's why as part of your strategic plan, you likely took the time to outline your vision, mission and objectives to make sure everyone knows where the organization was trying to go.
Through that process, did you ever find there was resistance to the plan or that people didn't know what they should be doing on a day-to-day basis to move forward on this new vision? Or worse, did they just do the same things they did before your strategic planning session (and perhaps the leadership team feels like the time and money spent is wasted)?
Getting people on board with your plan is easier said than done. Including your team early on in the process can greatly help increase employee buy-in and follow through as they will understand the organizational mission and values better, and will understand how their action items will move the organization forward. This helps to build accountability, and accountable teams are better equipped to implement strategic initiatives. 
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