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What Instagram can teach you about strategic planning and business strategy.

[fa icon="calendar'] March 28 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Social media, Business strategy, Business news

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As a Manager, CEO, or Executive Director you might not be the one using Instagram in your organization as part of your strategy, you can however learn from it when it comes to implementing your own business strategy and change management initiatives.

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Do you need social media as part of your business strategy?

[fa icon="calendar'] June 12 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Social media, Business management, Business strategy

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As you know, Business Strategy is all about creating a position relative to your competition.

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Listen to your customers, they are the ones shaping your strategy.

[fa icon="calendar'] April 29 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Social media, Strategic planning, Business strategy

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Do you believe in the adage that the customer is always right?

I don't.

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Why Content Marketing is an Important Part of Your Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] January 22 / by Jessica posted in Social media, Marketing, Business strategy

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Guest post by Jessica Grajczyk

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Twitter - It's not as hard as you think

[fa icon="calendar'] October 15 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Social media

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what is twitter

I'm running into more and more people that when I ask them If they are on Twitter, they say no, and it's generally followed by "I don't want to have to tell people what I'm doing all the time" ; to which I reply that Twitter is a better tool for listening than speaking, although you can create some great conversation with it.

So, here is a very basic tutorial, on how to use twitter, and how you can use it as a learning tool.

(I also made this post for my mom, who just bought "twitter for dummies" because she said she is dummy. Love you mom @francoisetaylor )

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a giant open message board where people share links and messages "tweets" under 140 characters at a time. ( this sentence was 114 characters)

How it can be useful if you don't want to update your status?

Twitter lets you receive status messages of users that you "follow" (subscribe to). These updates show up in your timeline.

By following interesting people/organizations you can get information much faster and more effectively than searching individual websites. Most websites will tweet the link if they post something new, so you can use twitter to easily stay up on their updates.

Following people is the most fun way to use twitter and learn things from groups all over the world.

Here are 7 accounts that I think will provide value to an entrepreneur and their business right away:

@GuyKawasaki @theeconomist @thecuriousmind @bbcpolitics @techvibes @nytimesbusiness @danielsharkov

So , I think I'm ready to Tweet now....

Great! Update your status as often as you like. Your updates will come up in the time line of the people that follow you.

*Remember, if you tweet too often and clutter up people's timelines with useless info, they may un-follow you.

Get involved in the conversation and comment on other people's tweets by using the @reply


What does the @ symbol mean?

If you want to mention someone in a tweet use the @ symbol and it will show up in that users "mentions" feed.

For example: "@smestrategy Thanks for such a great Twitter tutorial for small business" would show up here:

You can automatically @ someone when you click on their tweets and hit reply.

What does RT mean?

Rt stands for Re-tweet. This means that someone shared your tweet. If you want to share someone's tweet, putting Rt in front of the original tweet is the appropriate way to give credit to the original tweeter.

Another way to share a link this way is to use the word via to explain where the info came from . For example: "Check out via: @techvibes"

Re-tweeting in a great way to share other people's content if you think it's worth sharing to your network.

What's a hash tag?

A hash tag, denoted by the symbol #, is a way for users to create search criteria. Different events have different hash tags so you can follow the conversation on that topic. You can search these terms in the search bar. The most popular topics become trends and are found on the right hand side of your feed:


Just try it. Like in business there is a learning curve, so get out there and start tweeting.

Once you get the hang of using the twitter interface, there is a great program developed in Vancouver called Hoot suite that lets you manage all your social media, I use it to manage my personal as well as professional twitter accounts.

There is a free as well as paid version. It's awesome and I can't recommend it enough. Check it out:

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Tweet me, Let me know what you thought of this tutorial, and anything else you want to share!

Go here for the official Twitter FAQ from

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Using social networks like Facebook to power your business

[fa icon="calendar'] July 09 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Social media

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When talking to many entrepreneurs , a topic that often comes up is social media. Especially with younger, more techno savvy business people, their first concern is how they are going to beef up their online presence to benefit their business. Is social media a great tool for communicating with clients? yes. Is it necessary for your small business? It depends.

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