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Good business strategy: Only fight where you can win.

[fa icon="calendar'] June 02 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Project managment, Business management, Entrepreneurship, Business strategy

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Entrepreneurs are fantastic people: I would I know, I am one ;-)

Really though, they knowingly engage in an activity: Starting a business, that is statistically designed to fail.

Undeterred and filled with optimism, they throw caution to the wind and launch their business.

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Strike when the iron is hot

[fa icon="calendar'] July 25 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Project managment, Entrepreneurship

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A friend of mine is launching her business in the next 2 weeks and she's very excited.

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Why managing scope in a project plan affects your profitability

[fa icon="calendar'] May 28 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Project managment, Business management

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Have you ever heard of scope creep?

Every time I hear the word: scope creep I picture this big scary monster that sucks away time and money from projects.

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Manage your projects more efficiently by using a Gantt Chart.

[fa icon="calendar'] July 15 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Project managment

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As a business owner you must oversee all aspects of your business: Marketing ,sales,finance etc.

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