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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Mission Statements Give Your Team Purpose: Here's How to Make a Powerful One.

[fa icon="calendar'] March 03 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business strategy, Leadership, mission statement

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Last night my neighbour who is a journalist popped by, and I asked her what the sentiment is like for journalists in light of recent political events and fake news.

She shared that the journalist community has been unified around their mission and the industry is emboldened around their purpose.

It got me thinking about the power of mission statements.

Many organizations look at mission statements as either a marketing exercise, or as simply a requirement as part of their strategic planning process.

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Example Mission Statements & Why They are Great

[fa icon="calendar'] January 15 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, mission statement, examples

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Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a mission statement great? The key is to keep it simple:  Outline what it is your organization wants to do (the problem you are solving), but don't be vague. Your mission statement should be attainable, but also inspirational. 

Why is a mission statement so important? One of the biggest reasons is that it represents the common purpose for the organization. Each member of the team will have a unique background, belief structure, and expertise. Not every team member will be the same. In fact, organizations thrive with team diversity, as long as the team understands what the common purpose of the organization is (i.e. the vision, mission & goals). By clearly outlining your company mission statement, you are communicating to your team, your customers, and the world what your organization aims to achieve. 

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