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Mission Statements Give Your Team Purpose: Here's How to Make a Powerful One.

By Anthony Taylor - March 03, 2017

Last night my neighbour who is a journalist popped by, and I asked her what the sentiment is like for journalists in light of recent political events and fake news.

She shared that the journalist community has been unified around their mission and the industry is emboldened around their purpose.

It got me thinking about the power of mission statements.

Many organizations look at mission statements as either a marketing exercise, or as simply a requirement as part of their strategic planning process.

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What those organizations miss out on is the opportunity to create a mission statement that their employees and staff can unite around. A purpose that empowers people and compels them to come to work and give it their all.

A powerful mission statement uses easy to understand language and can create an emotional connection with the reader.

> Watch below: What is a Mission? & Why is it Important?




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