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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

How to Create Openness & Teamwork With Your Strategy - Interview With John Pankert

[fa icon="calendar'] January 22 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business management, Leadership, culture, alignment, podcast

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Director of Strategy for Havas Montreal, John Pankert, joined us to chat on our Strategy and Leadership podcast. Havas is one of the biggest advertising groups in the world, and they work with integrated campaigns and a variety of clients on digital products and projects.

There are 70 people in the Montreal office, including advertising teams, front and back end developers, content creators, and an in-house strategy team. There are six people on the strategy team who are able to  work with diverse strategy needs a client might have. John and his team help clients define their strategy and positioning, create team buy-in, and then build the organization's branding and positioning from that strategy. 

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5 Ideas to Recognize Your Employees While Saving Costs and Building Engagement

[fa icon="calendar'] July 26 / by Grace Lu posted in Business management, Business strategy, people

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In a survey by OGO, 82% of Americans do not feel recognized for their contributions. Moreover, companies without an employee recognition program report a mean turnover rate 23.4% higher than companies with recognition, according to SHRM’s Globoforce Employee Recognition survey. Many companies struggle with managing their people and culture, but invest very little in the rewards and recognition needed to build it. This blog will highlight key aspects of a successful employee recognition program, and how it can improve engagement, culture, employee retention and ultimately profitability.

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Overcome the Challenges to Strategic Planning- A White Paper on Agile Strategy, Lean Processes and Leadership

[fa icon="calendar'] July 18 / by Grace Lu posted in Business management, Business strategy, Strategy Frameworks

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If you think that strategic planning is tedious, uncertain, and difficult, you certainly aren't the first ones to tell us so. This white paper compiles a list of the 7 most common objections we hear to strategic planning, and uses research and facts to give an objective view on the modern movements and trends in strategy. The aim of this white paper is to show that strategy consultants understand the problems with traditional strategic planning, and that strategy is moving towards mitigating these key concerns. 

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What You Can Take Out of Google's People Strategy for Your Small Business

[fa icon="calendar'] June 28 / by Grace Lu posted in Strategic planning, Business management, Business strategy

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Businesses are quick to reward strong financial performance, but often fail to make the same investments in human capital. As a strategy analyst, I’ve found that while strategy should be backed by strong financials, it is even more heavily driven by the people.

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Why Use a Facilitator for Your Strategic Planning Offsite?

[fa icon="calendar'] August 30 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business management, Business strategy, facilitation

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Some organizations have a set strategic planning process, with internal leaders that run the planning process for them. Others, have a less relative maturity in their strategic planning process, and are still working through what works best for them.

Regardless of where your organization is at in terms of team strategy development, getting your team together for planning is an excellent opportunity to have the important discussions that will dictate the course of your organization and business strategy.

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Business Strategy Models- Which one for your business?

[fa icon="calendar'] January 29 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business management, Business strategy, strategic management

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I don't know if strategic management has gotten easier or harder over the years, but it certainly has gotten more complicated.

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Focus as part of your business strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] June 30 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business management, Business strategy, strategic priorities

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John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire (on of my favourite podcasts) always talks about: FOCUS:






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