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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

The Main Pillars of Effective High-Level Leadership

[fa icon="calendar'] March 26 / by Jennifer Hahn Masterson posted in Leadership, team building, alignment, strategy

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Those who lead at a high level understand the important function of ‘the triple bottom line’ which regards three key areas: people, services and profit. This helps to focus attention and energy on a competitive vision for the future and concurrently enables effective management in the long run. Let’s learn something about the ways to create a committed workforce and a prosperous business through a strong vision and your organization’s collective culture.

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How to Generate Organizational Alignment & Buy-In For Your Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] February 21 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Leadership, alignment, accountability

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Fostering alignment and generating buy-in is an important part of the strategic planning process that should be started early on. Although organizational and departmental leaders may be the ones in the strategic planning meeting, employees can and should be consulted prior to and after the session. Questionnaires, interviews, and face-to-face conversation are great ways to generate employee participation throughout the process.

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How to Develop Values that Support Your Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] January 28 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy, alignment, values, education

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Your organizational values consist of all of the behaviours that exist within your business - not just the positive values you want to have, but also negative or neutral behaviours that are being acted out. 

Values and behaviours are closely tied to your company culture and can have an impact on those within as well as outside of your organization. Evaluating and understanding the current values and behaviours that are active within your organization can help you pinpoint which ones you would like to continue to reinforce and reward, and which ones you hope to change or add to your organization (i.e. what types of behaviours do we hope to see in the future?)

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Why is Regular Strategic Planning Imperative for Tech-Sector Success?

[fa icon="calendar'] October 22 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, alignment, strategic priorities

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Every business will see benefits from regular strategic plan development. However, organizations that operate within fast-paced industries, such as the technology sector, will see additional benefits from shorter intervals between planning sessions. 

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Vision Statement: Here's why you need more than that

[fa icon="calendar'] June 05 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, alignment, vision

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Business_VisionImage from public domain

If you searched for vision statement examples and then came to this article to figure out if you need one, I invite you to consider that what you need is much more than just a vision statement. I believe that you instead want a clear picture of the future that your team can get behind so they know where they are going and how to get there. 

We could make an exhaustive list of great sounding examples of vision statements that you could look at and then try to squish the future you want into this tiny box that sounds good.


You could create a vision that inspires you, inspires your people, and gives them a clear path on how to move forward.

Which option do you prefer?

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Communication Strategy: 5 Ways You Can Share Your Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] February 20 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Leadership, strategic management, alignment, organizational development, communications

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You and your team have gone through the process of creating a strategic plan, and now you need a strategy for how you're going to share the plan with your team and stakeholders. 

Communicating your vision, mission, and strategy one time is not enough. You need to constantly and consistently engage your team in the direction of the organization and continuously communicate how you (the people and the organization) will get there and why this is important. 

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Is Your Organization Aligned? If Not, Here's How You Can Get There

[fa icon="calendar'] January 29 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, Leadership, culture, alignment

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Image: Public Domain/Creative Commons Via Pixbay

In other posts, we have talked about the importance of regular strategic planning sessions. While strategy sessions are important, the first step to take is to align your people. When your team understands your organization's vision, mission, values and goals, every decision they make can be aligned with these important aspects of your business. Alignment helps to reduce or eliminate cross-departmental and team silos, resulting in better communication between your people, which will help them better implement the strategic plan. 

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