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How To Improve Employee Productivity

By Anthony Taylor - March 07, 2023

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Leader's Digest #13

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This week, we'll discuss improving employee productivity in your organization. This will include a review of the significance of defining productivity within the workplace, who you should engage with to capture the current state of productivity, and how human-centered management can enhance employee performance and increase productivity.


Let's dive into the details and explore how we can create a culture of productivity that benefits both the organization and employee.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world of business, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity. With the recent mass shake-ups in the global hiring landscape, many organizations are facing the daunting task of calibrating their teams to adjust for the loss of multiple employees or entire teams. However, it's important to note that a large organization doesn't necessarily equate to higher productivity. In fact, many managers across various industries are constantly asking the same question — how can we improve employee productivity?

To help shed light on this topic, we consulted Senior Facilitator Jen Scumaci from SME Strategy for her expert advice on “How to Improve Employee Productivity”.



Hi, it's Jen here. I'm a Senior Facilitator at SME Strategy. In this section of Leader's Digest, I'll give you my perspective on the topic at hand.Strategic Planning Consultant


The current economic outlook for 2023 is fraught with uncertainty, which makes this question even more pressing for companies that are looking to remain competitive and profitable. In an effort to cut costs, downsize, and get the most out of limited resources, managers are often left wondering if there is a magic potion they could add to the water to make their employees work faster. 


Unfortunately, there isn't a single solution to this complex problem, and simply pushing employees to work faster may not be the most effective way to increase productivity.


As a manager, CEO, or leader in any organization, you understand that employee productivity is a crucial metric to track. However, how do you define, measure, and ultimately improve it?


Create a clear picture of what “Productivity” means within your organization.

This requires engaging frontline workers and leaders to define productivity and ensure that everyone is on the same page. By capturing the current state of productivity and comparing it to other important business metrics like profitability and labor costs, you can get a more informed understanding of your organization's productivity level.

Once you have a clear understanding of your current state of productivity, you can set goals for what you want productivity to look like in the future. However, it's crucial to measure productivity consistently and keep other factors as consistent as possible.

Remember do not just focus on your managers when creating a clear and accurate picture of productivity, you also need input from your frontline workers. 

Productivity isn't just about numbers and metrics; it's about people. 

Taking a human-centered approach to creating a productivity picture is essential to success. Companies that invest in creating psychologically safe workplaces have been shown to have 50% higher performance and productivity. Ensuring that your employees feel safe and secure while they're on the clock is one of the most important things you can do as a manager or leader to improve productivity.


If you're struggling with productivity in your workplace, consider reaching out to SME Strategy for expert advice and experience. By taking a human-centered approach and engaging your employees and leaders, you can redefine productivity and improve your organization's performance. With the current economic uncertainty, investing in your people and optimizing your operations is more important than ever.


To gain a well-rounded perspective on the best practices for strategy and leadership success in 2023, we recommend reviewing these pertinent articles.


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In this segment of Leader's Digest, we highlight a new approach to dealing with the topic of discussion. This will identify alternative modern solutions for your consideration


Take a look at the following article, which applies a different perspective on how to improve employee productivity in your workplace

  • The overlooked essentials of employee well-being

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    Here are some of our actionable tips that you can use now to begin the process of improving the productivity of your team.


    Are you struggling with productivity in your organization? This article provides practical tips to boost productivity by up to 40%,  and to Finally, learn how to say "no" and focus on what truly matters.


    • Three Truths behind Employee Productivity (& How to measure and Improve it)

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