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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Creating a Company Vision & Values for Remote Work

[fa icon="calendar'] August 18 / by Jason Heckl posted in values, vision, remote work

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As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, along with the reality that many will not be returning to an office anytime soon, people and organizations in various industries are being squeezed into a remote work setting. All of a sudden - after years of speculation, we've been thrust into the future of work.

This post will highlight the importance of a company vision and values for remote work, as well as how to go about creating them.

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How to Develop Values that Support Your Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] January 28 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy, alignment, values, education

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Your organizational values consist of all of the behaviours that exist within your business - not just the positive values you want to have, but also negative or neutral behaviours that are being acted out. 

Values and behaviours are closely tied to your company culture and can have an impact on those within as well as outside of your organization. Evaluating and understanding the current values and behaviours that are active within your organization can help you pinpoint which ones you would like to continue to reinforce and reward, and which ones you hope to change or add to your organization (i.e. what types of behaviours do we hope to see in the future?)

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How to Develop Organizational Culture: Lessons from a parent

[fa icon="calendar'] June 12 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Human Resources- HR, Leadership, culture, values

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Organizational culture is the system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs from your team.

As a leader you shape the culture in your organization from your words and your actions. The culture is also shaped by your employees and the environment that everyone creates on a day to day basis.

I was recently at someone's house and saw a great example of how they are using culture to teach their kids. (More on that later..) 

At SME Strategy, we explain organizational culture as: "the way we do things around here".

  • How would you describe the way you do things at your organization? 
  • What are the ways of being and acting that your team exemplifies everyday?

That's your organizational culture.

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Using Behaviour Styles to Reach Alignment for Your Strategic Goals

[fa icon="calendar'] May 16 / by Grace Lu posted in Strategic planning, culture, alignment, values

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Business Chemistry is a method of identifying behaviour styles that has emerged to promote use of common language to discuss differences, appreciate why certain challenges are more difficult, and recognize how to turn differences into assets.

We find that this objective is even more relevant when seeking alignment in strategic planning, a problem faced by 25% of professionals we’ve talked to.

Although personality tests are often discredited for lack of scientific backing, the data behind behaviour on team culture is significant. 50% of people in Harvard Business Review’s survey on behaviour styles in the workplace said that their “opposite” styles are the least enjoyable to work with.

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