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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

This is What Your Disaster Recovery Plan Should Look Like

[fa icon="calendar'] July 20 / by Susan Ranford posted in scenario planning, Strategic planning

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Scenario_Planning-1Public Domain Image

Your business network and access to your data can be disrupted anytime because of natural or artificial disasters. Although, you cannot do anything to prevent the occurrence of such disasters, you can take actions to secure your data. Using recovery software is essential because it will keep your most important information safe in the face of any emergency. Knowing that your data is easily accessible, will give you time to focus on your other issues.

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Is Your Organization Ready for a Crisis?         This Month in Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] August 27 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, scenario planning

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Image: Public Domain Pixbay

While it is important to have a sound organizational strategy, a roadmap to success for your organization, it’s also important to have a plan for how to handle emergencies along the way. Crisis communication strategies are similar to scenario planning and risk management, but focused on how to handle both the behind the scenes and external communications when big issues arise. 

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Analysis: State of the World in 2016 Video Blog

[fa icon="calendar'] February 19 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in global strategy, Strategic planning, scenario planning, Business news

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The World Economic Forum released an article called "The State of the World in 2016 in Charts" with valuable information from an economic perspective (and also from strategic planning and scenario planning perspectives). 

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Business News for the New Year. This Month in Strategy - January 2017

[fa icon="calendar'] January 29 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, scenario planning, Business strategy, Business news

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It's one of the best times of the year to hone in on your strategy; the winter holidays have ended and we're a full month into the new year. For many organizations, January and February are fairly quiet, thus a great time to align your team, and plan for the year ahead. 

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Scenario Planning in an uncertain future

[fa icon="calendar'] January 24 / by Anthony Taylor posted in scenario planning, Business strategy

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Change seems to happen faster than we can imagine.

Your family changes, technology changes, and it feels like things change faster by the day. (Where did this last week go?)

Sometimes it feels like we're caught off guard by these changes and are reacting instead of being prepared for what's coming next.

The good news is that you can identify and prepare for changes by using tools like trend analysis, risk analysis, and scenario planning.

These tools are valuable for non profits, for profits, and government to plan for the future.

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What is Scenario Planning and How to Use It

[fa icon="calendar'] March 09 / by Jeremie mariton posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy, scenario planning, Strategy Frameworks

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Strategizing under uncertainty

How do you build a strategic plan for your company if you don’t have certainty about the future?
That’s like laying the foundations of your house on a ground that might move or shift in the future.

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Lessons from Evernote: Scenario Planning and Design Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] June 16 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business strategy, scenario planning, Strategy Frameworks, Strategic planning

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 As technology changes and companies are forced to adapt to general uncertainty as far as trends go, organizations must strike a balance within their strategic planning to incorporate innovation and scenario planning. This will help them cater to both existing consumer needs, as well as their internal business needs in the future.

In this HBR ideacast, the CEO of Evernote shares how changes in how people work affect design thinking in their industry as well as all other areas of productivity.

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