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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Using Gratitude to Retain Talent & Influence Culture: Interview w/ Lisa Ryan

[fa icon="calendar'] April 30 / by Anthony Taylor posted in culture, engagement, retention

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In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we're joined by Grategy founder and Chief Appreciation Strategist, Lisa Ryan, CSP. 

Lisa brings an impressive range of experience to the podcast, spending time as an executive recruiter, working in industrial sales, the welding industry (yes, she welds!), the healthcare industry, and as a speaker.


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Shape the Future & Create Organizational Change: Interview with Aviv Shahar

[fa icon="calendar'] February 24 / by Anthony Taylor posted in engagement, Planning for the future, Conversation

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In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we're joined by Aviv Shahar: author of 'Create New Futures' and founder of Aviv Consulting.

Aviv was born and raised in Israel, and was originally trained to fly supersonic jets in the Israeli Airforce. Since then, he has spent three decades gaining valuable experience working on the executive leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout his work, he's learned that a room full of extremely smart individuals can still produce dysfunction and stupidity. His experience has also helped him realize his passion for helping people unleash their joint capabilities so they're able to create more than the sum of their individual parts. 

Listen to my full conversation with Aviv below:


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How to Retain Top Talent & Ensure Strategy Execution

[fa icon="calendar'] July 29 / by Anthony Taylor posted in engagement

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Are you looking to keep your employees happier and more engaged (and employed longer) with your company?

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How to Encourage High-Performance Collaboration in Your Organization - Lessons from Mars with Carlos Valdes Dapena

[fa icon="calendar'] May 01 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Leadership, team building, podcast, engagement, collaboration

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Carlos Valdes Dapena is the managing principal at Corporate Collaboration Resources and the Author of Lessons from Mars. Carlos spent 17 years working for MARS incorporated, a global food and pet care industry. During his time with MARS, his career focus was around improving corporate collaboration within the organization, eventually leading the development of the Mars Framework for High-Performance Collaboration. After moving on from this role in 2017, Carlos continues to share his insights and best practices for team collaboration and leadership development through his book and consulting work.  

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High Turnover is Bad For Business - Strategic Planning Can Help

[fa icon="calendar'] November 22 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, culture, engagement, accountability

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High turnover is expensive – the time and money invested in staff who have left will need to be invested again for the training of new staff, and there is the additional cost of time and money spent on recruitment and hiring. Additionally, organizational culture and productivity can suffer if staff turnover is frequent. From a capital perspective (both financial and human), it is important for organizations to focus on employee retention as a part of their business strategy.

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4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Organization

[fa icon="calendar'] September 06 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Human Resources- HR, culture, alignment, engagement

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According to Gallup, only 15% of employees are engaged in their work in a meaningful way. Only 15% are contributing to the success (and the profits) of their company.

With results like that, it's hard to argue with the investment return in people and in HR as a strategic partner to your success.

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5 Steps to Stakeholder Engagement in Your Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] August 20 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, alignment, engagement

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Someone recently asked us how to effectively manage stakeholder engagement as part of the strategic planning process for a non-profit. They wanted to launch a new strategic plan and get engagement from their stakeholders so that their strategic plan would last longer than the terms of the existing board members.

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