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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Our Top Strategic Planning Insights of 2019

[fa icon="calendar'] December 12 / by Jason Heckl posted in Strategic planning, goals, Year in review

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As we near the end of 2019, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that has come and gone. If you’re taking time off during the holiday season, this may be the perfect time to reflect on your highs and lows over the past year. Keeping in mind both your organization’s goals and personal goals: What were some of the successes and failures? 

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Want a High-Performance Team? Get Clarity and Alignment First!

[fa icon="calendar'] December 11 / by Anthony Taylor

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Having a strategic planning meeting is important because it will help you generate two things among your team members: clarity and alignment.

Our Aligned Strategy Development methodology will take your team through all aspects of creating a strategic plan. You start by assessing where you are now, followed by looking at where you're going,  all while engaging your people throughout the process. This will foster greater clarity and alignment among your team members, leading to higher performance and goal achievement. 

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How Love Can Help Solve Your Work Culture Problem - Interview with Steve Farber

[fa icon="calendar'] December 04 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business strategy, Leadership, culture

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In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we're joined by author and founder of the Extreme Leadership Institute, Steve Farber.

Steve has been involved in leadership development for 30 years, which has allowed him to work with almost every kind of industry and business from top to bottom. 

His experience has granted him a valuable perspective and the ability to identify what successful businesses have in common.

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How to Work With People in Denial During Strategic Planning

[fa icon="calendar'] November 27 / by Gleb Tsipursky posted in communication, education, collaboration

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Up means down and down means up — We’ve all had colleagues who make it a practice of denying what we know is real. It happens in politics, science, business and anywhere: people whose beliefs are a million miles away from reality. 

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How to Align Culture & Strategy in a Diverse, Non-Profit Organization - Interview With Justin Miller

[fa icon="calendar'] November 19 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Leadership, global strategy, non-profit, Stakeholder Engagement

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In this episode of our Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we were joined by Justin Miller, Co-Founder & CEO of CARE for AIDS.

Justin lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family and has been working with the organization for 12 years. His journey began when he met co-founders Duncan Kimani and Cornel Onyango in Kenya. The three passionate advocates eventually founded the organization to focus on helping those living with HIV in East Africa.

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How to Improve Strategy Implementation with a Regular Meeting Schedule

[fa icon="calendar'] November 19 / by Anthony Taylor

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Picture this in your mind: You're a senior leader, and you just finished developing your strategic plan with your leadership team. You've reached alignment on your organization's vision and mission, and you're clear on your strategic priorities, goals and action items. Now, what do you do?

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How Understanding the Employee Brain Will Make You a Better Leader - Interview with Josh Schneider

[fa icon="calendar'] October 31 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Leadership, culture, organizational development, strategy

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In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast, we were joined by Josh Schneider, Director at the Millennial and Employment Engagement Institute. Josh spends his days traveling, writing, and speaking at conferences, and has developed this institute to fund research that matches the stories and examples that were being seen in the workplace, along with topics such as meaningful and fulfilling work.

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