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Management Philosophies That Drive Growth & Culture - Interview with Alex Rooney

By Anthony Taylor - February 10, 2020

In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we're joined by Alex Rooney, Vice President and co-founder of Vision33 Inc. Alex and his company specialize in IT and professional services with several business lines including SAP, business application software, change management and developing intellectual property. Impressively, Vision33 has averaged 25% year over year growth for the past 15 years.


Having lived half his life in Canada and half in the U.S. with a background in civil engineering, environmental engineering and oil & gas, Alex brings a wealth of experience to the podcast. 

During our conversation, Alex shared his insights on culture, management philosophy, and motivation:

  • Culture
    Vision33 is a company that spans many countries, which means a combination of different languages, religions and time-zones. Alex shares the challenges of maintaining a single company culture as organizations grow.
  • Management Philosophy
    Alex explains his three main management philosophies and the reasoning behind each one: Focus, engagement and results. He's realized these management philosophies after years of experience leading teams, motivating people and having success.
  • Finding & motivating the right people
    Attracting and retaining top talent is a common concern for any leader of an organization. Alex explains why he prefers giving talented employees space, and the different types of incentive programs that are active in his company.


If your organization is having a strategic planning session, first consider some of the benefits of bringing in a facilitator for a more successful session:


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