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How to Set Strategic Priorities in Your Strategic Plan

By Anthony Taylor - September 22, 2016

SME Strategy is a strategy consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations align their teams and operations around a shared vision, mission, values, goals, and action plans. Our strategic planning services offer guidance on how a strategic planning facilitator can provide support in creating a strategic plan that ensures your strategy is communicated and implemented across your entire organization.


If you are looking how to set strategic priorities  as part of your strategic planning process, this webinar will help you write, identify and develop your objectives and strategic priorities.



In this webinar Anthony Taylor, the Managing Partner at SME Strategy goes over his best practices for identifying strategic priorities.

Some of the best practices from the webinar include:

  • Generating team alignment with the mission and vision
  • Soliciting inputs and feedback from all levels of staff and management to develop alignment
  • Trend analysis to understand what is going on in your industry and around the world
  • Using the Balanced Score Card to track and manage your KPIs
  • Selecting a handful of priorities to focus your efforts on so that implementation and plan execution stays on track
  • Communicating your priorities with you team so that everyone understands the direction of your organization
  • Examples of strategic priorities to get you started


We can help you align your team around a clear vision, mission, values, goals and action plans,

so you can lead your organization more effectively and get better results.

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