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What Strategy Would a Company Need to Take on Apple?

By Anthony Taylor - September 14, 2014

Yang Yuanqing, The CEO of Lenovo computers , the number PC seller in the world shares his insights on strategy in the PC plus space and on how to compete in a global market with players like Samsung and Apple.

In this interview, Yang Yuanqing shares the top four factors of Lenovo's' success (number one being strategy and execution) and the cause for their set back as far as growth in the past. Yuanqing explains that when he became CEO (the first time), Lenovo tried to be in too many sectors: Technology, PC, mobile, etc.

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What brought them back to success was focusing on their core competencies, and what brought them success in the first place. Their strategy of attack and defend has seen them become number one in PC sales, as well as being in a position to buy the 10 billion dollar PC business from IBM when Lenovo was only a 3 billion dollar company. Now he estimates they will do near 40 billion dollars in business.

If Lenovo is to compete and over take Apple and Samsung in the PC plus market, they are certainly going to be leaning on their technology and acquisition strategy to do it.

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