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What Organizations Can Learn From Team Canada Hockey

By Anthony Taylor - February 23, 2014

Congratulations Team Canada Hockey (Men and Women) as well as all other athletes for their successes in these 2014 Olympic Games.

At the end of the Gold medal final, there was a comment by one of the announcers that stuck with me and made me think of business and management.

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It was along the lines of:

"Not only did team Canada play as a team to secure their win, but they played the right way. Everybody stuck to the game plan, played short shifts, and played their role which is what resulted in a win."

They even called team Canada's performance in the tournament: "business-like". 

As such, that's something that all businesses and organizations should take from this game:

Ensure that your team knows and follows the strategy and plays their role to help achieve the goal.

Like any management team, the coaching staff of team Canada has a tough job.

Not only do they have to "manage" a team of 25 extremely high performers, but they also have to make decisions on which of those high performers will work together in high-performing teams.

Even harder than that, they have to take some of the best players in the country and tell them they have to sit this game out for the good of the team. Those are the tough calls you have to make if you want to win.

Managing a business is a challenging thing, but it can be even harder if your team isn't on the same page. If you want to learn how you can get your team on the same page towards "business gold", enquire about our facilitation services.

Congrats again to all the Canadian olympians representing our country.

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