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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Case Study: Shell Ties Performance on Strategic Priorities With Executive Compensation

[fa icon="calendar'] December 20 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, use case, case study, strategic priorities, implementation

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Earlier this year, the CBC reported that Shell was tying their executive compensation to the company's overall performance to carbon footprint.

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As Part of Your Culture, Are You Owning Mistakes or Passing the Buck? Lessons from the Navy Seals

[fa icon="calendar'] October 21 / by Anthony Taylor posted in use case, case study, culture

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In this short video from Business Insider, The Navy Seals explain their approach to leadership and what separates a great leader who owns the problem and the solution, versus a leader who passes the buck to their staff and their bosses.

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One of the Biggest Strategic Planning Failures I've Ever Seen

[fa icon="calendar'] October 18 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy, Business news, use case, strategy case studies

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There are a few keys to developing a successful strategic plan, and one of them is getting everyone bought into your plan. Without alignment, the whole strategy comes to a standstill, or worse, drags the organization backwards. Even if you have a great strategic plan and very clear benefits and opportunities, it still does not guarantee success until you have everyone bought in.

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Why Do Strategic Planning?- Use Cases

[fa icon="calendar'] June 07 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, use case, strategy case studies, Growth

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You can use strategic planning in many occasions in your organization such as:

- Looking at new markets to enter
- Planning growth and overall business strategy
- Dealing with competitors
- Creating action plans with your team
- Choosing between different strategic investments
- Predicting uncertainty in the future
- and much more.

Deciding when to do strategic planning and what you should focus on as part of your planning process really depends on where what your organization is dealing with in the present.

DOWNLOAD OUR CUSTOM STRATEGIC PLANNING TEMPLATESome organizations update their strategies quarterly, some yearly and others monthly or weekly. 

Deciding when and why to work through strategic planning really depends on your industry and how concerned your team is with being proactive (versus reactive) to changes in the business environment. 
With ever increasing globalization and the speed at which technology changes, almost every organization should be reviewing their strategy every quarter. This might just mean discussing key priorities as part of your strategic plan, or breaking down the strategic plan into smaller chunks.

We've worked with many clients who were wondering why they do strategic planning. Here are some use cases and benefits they got out of the strategic planning process: 

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