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As Part of Your Culture, Are You Owning Mistakes or Passing the Buck?

By Anthony Taylor - October 21, 2016

In this short video from Business Insider, The Navy Seals explain their approach to leadership and what separates a great leader who owns the problem and the solution, versus a leader who passes the buck to their staff and their bosses.

This way of thinking supports their culture of high performance and accountability.

What behaviours do you see from your team, and what behaviours do you see from yourself?

How would your team function and how would your organization function if everyone was humble to own their problems, and the culture of your organization supported people doing that?

Values are only one part of culture. Everyone in the organization needs to know what types of behaviour is desired, what types of behaviour is supported and rewarded, and what types of behaviours are modelled. Otherwise, leaders end up confusing your employees with mixed messages about how they should act and what they should do.

Be clear on what you expect in terms of behaviour and leadership, and make sure your actions and reward systems are in line with those expectations.


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