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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Our Favorite Business Strategy Frameworks

[fa icon="calendar'] April 20 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategy Frameworks, Strategic planning, Business strategy

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The study of management has evolved greatly over the past 70 years as organizations seek to run better, grow faster, and accomplish their organizational purposes (read: mission) in the most effective way.

Through that process, managers, researchers and academics have created a wide range of frameworks to guide you to structure your strategic thinking and business growth.

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What is Scenario Planning and How to Use It

[fa icon="calendar'] March 09 / by Jeremie mariton posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy, scenario planning, Strategy Frameworks

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Strategizing under uncertainty

How do you build a strategic plan for your company if you don’t have certainty about the future?
That’s like laying the foundations of your house on a ground that might move or shift in the future.

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Lessons from Evernote: Scenario Planning and Design Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] June 16 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business strategy, scenario planning, Strategy Frameworks, Strategic planning

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 As technology changes and companies are forced to adapt to general uncertainty as far as trends go, organizations must strike a balance within their strategic planning to incorporate innovation and scenario planning. This will help them cater to both existing consumer needs, as well as their internal business needs in the future.

In this HBR ideacast, the CEO of Evernote shares how changes in how people work affect design thinking in their industry as well as all other areas of productivity.

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Measure What Matters With the Balanced Scorecard - Sounding Board Article

[fa icon="calendar'] March 15 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Business strategy, Strategy Frameworks, Balanced Scorecard, Strategic planning

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Measure what matters over the next year and beyond: 

Adapted from the Vancouver Board of Trade- Sounding Board article January 2014

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Extending the SWOT Paradigm

[fa icon="calendar'] October 06 / by Sayed Ifran posted in Business management, Business strategy, SWOT Analysis, Strategy Frameworks

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The SWOT analysis is an effective approach for looking at your business in a holistic way. In reaching out to identify the strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats the SWOT analysis provides a measure of balance in the way the company emphasizes its internal and external environments. However, the tools used in developing a complete and precise understanding so that the analysis lends itself to an effective improvement initiative will have to be consistent with the nature of the improvements.

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