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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

How to Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Innovation - Guest Article by Julia  Myllylä

[fa icon="calendar'] January 16 / by Julia Myllylä posted in Innovation, strategy, Strategic planning, culture

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Innovation is one of the keys to growing your business and increasing its competitiveness that you can include in your strategic planning process. It can help you to improve your productivity, reduce costs and become more profitable. Because small to mid-sized companies usually aren’t as capable of benefiting from economies of scale to the same extent that big companies can, the ability to innovate becomes even more important.

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Crafting Your Vision Statement: How to Steer Your Organization Towards the Future You Want

[fa icon="calendar'] January 06 / by Anthony Taylor posted in vision, Strategic planning, education

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When developing a strategic plan, a technique we like to use is VMOST: Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. A strong strategic plan is developed in this order, starting with the vision. Developing your organization's vision is so much more than jotting down a few quick lines and calling that a vision statement.

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High Turnover is Bad For Business - Strategic Planning Can Help

[fa icon="calendar'] November 22 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in culture, Strategic planning, accountability, engagement

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High turnover is expensive – the time and money invested in staff who have left will need to be invested again for the training of new staff, and there is the additional cost of time and money spent on recruitment and hiring. Additionally, organizational culture and productivity can suffer if staff turnover is frequent. From a capital perspective (both financial and human), it is important for organizations to focus on employee retention as a part of their business strategy.

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How to Improve Accountability When Implementing Your Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] November 13 / by Anthony Taylor posted in accountability, Strategic planning, implementation

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Have you ever had a challenge with measuring the success of your strategic plan or the performance of the individuals on your team?

The issue could be that your action plans are missions specific measurables (KPIs) or that the actions steps (goals) themselves are unclear.

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Why is Regular Strategic Planning Imperative for Tech-Sector Success?

[fa icon="calendar'] October 22 / by Jenna Sedmak posted in Strategic planning, alignment, strategic priorities

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Every business will see benefits from regular strategic plan development. However, organizations that operate within fast-paced industries, such as the technology sector, will see additional benefits from shorter intervals between planning sessions. 

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How Marketing Directors Can Use Video Strategically for Conversion and Growth

[fa icon="calendar'] October 16 / by Susan Ranford posted in Strategic planning

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As a marketing or communication director, you need to work with your team, in alignment with your organization's strategic plan, to develop strategies for conversion and growth. There isn’t much of a better feeling than turning a potential customer into a paying customer, especially if they become a repeat customer who gives your business that all-important word of mouth exposure.

One of the best ways to do this is with video. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, have made this more accessible than ever, while services, like Bombbomb.com, make it even easier to record a video and get it to your potential customers.

However, simply creating and posting videos is not enough. It is important to understand how to develop high quality content that will allow you to engage strategically and share your organizational values with both your current and potential customer base. This will help them understand what your organization's core values are, what you offer, and why they should buy your product or service. 

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A Corporate Restructuring Example That Was Done Right

[fa icon="calendar'] September 21 / by Dan Schmitz  posted in Strategic planning

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“Is it impossible to change organizations or are we using the wrong approaches?” Margaret Wheatley posed this question in the preface to Whole-Scale Change, a guide on aligning action within an organization to create processes for change.

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