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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Using Planning to Balance Innovation and Processes: Interview with Rob Attwell

[fa icon="calendar'] July 26 / by Grace Lu posted in podcast, Innovation, Strategic planning

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Rob Attwell, COO of Careteam Technologies, joins us for a chat on the strategies he uses to effectively manage his team and understand his clients. Overloading on processes has been known for slowing down innovation, but Rob talks about how Careteam is able to balance both while scaling up a nine-month start-up. Finally, Rob emphasizes that there is no excuse for not planning for the future.

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500 tech founders weigh into the state of startups

[fa icon="calendar'] December 22 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Innovation, technology, startups

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Everyone knows that technology is changing the way we work and new companies are disrupting the business landscape on a daily basis.

What if you are one of those companies that is changing the game and are blazing a new path for industry; how do you know what to do next, how do you know where the next opportunities are, and how do you prepare your company to take advantage of them?


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Change your thinking on risk taking and innovation,  Part II

[fa icon="calendar'] October 23 / by Lynn Oucharek posted in Leadership, Innovation

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I once watched two little league baseball teams in a final game go head to head. On 

one side was the top ranked team, on the other the underdog who were second to last in the
standings. The top ranked team’s coach was intense, angry and wasn’t afraid to let
his team know that they were not performing to their maximum potential.

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Risk Taking and Innovation, Changing Your Ideas

[fa icon="calendar'] September 14 / by Lynn Oucharek posted in Change management, Innovation

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If you’re watching the ongoing shifts in the economy, technology and culture you may be feeling a little dizzy.  For some it’s exciting but there are plenty of moments when it can be almost overwhelming.

You can tell it’s impacting the way you make decisions, and your organization  has no choice but to keep shifting and adjusting along side of your plans. 

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When You Are Innovating, Think Inside the Box

[fa icon="calendar'] December 10 / by Sayed Ifran posted in Business strategy, Innovation

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As someone trained in the field of decision sciences, I am encouraged to look at organizational (business) problem solving in a fairly structured way. This paradigm focuses on three questions in an objective and, indeed, a pretty straightforward manner:

1. What is the problem?
2. What are the alternatives?
3. Which alternative is the best?

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