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Business News to Help Your Strategic Plan - This Month in Strategy

[fa icon="calendar"] September 29 / by Jenna Sedmak

The end of the fiscal year is approaching and it's certainly a busy time for strategic planning. This September, we've compiled the latest blogs, articles and strategy examples from the past month that will help shed light on the strategic planning process, from team buy-in to strategy execution. 

If you're preparing for the end of the fiscal year and are looking at strategic planning, that's a great idea. When creating your strategy, it's important to remember that your team will need to be on board and able to realistically execute the organization's strategy. Forbes shares five questions to consider for your strategic planning session. 

Whether you have a lot of experience building and executing a strategic plan, or you're brand new to the game of strategy, it's a great idea to take a peek at what other's have done. IT Business Edge shares some case studies.

For more case studies, take a look at our extensive list of strategic planning samples

This article goes into depth about the importance of using a SWOT analysis within a strong strategic plan. With more businesses starting every day, it's important to keep an eye on competition, and know what your organization's strengths and weaknesses are. 

The BC Prosecution Service has just launched their new strategy. Take a look at this example to see what't they've done for their three year plan. 

It's one thing to create a strategic plan, and another to get company buy-in and successfully execute it. Learn why some organizational strategies are poorly executed and how to avoid the common mistakes. 




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Jenna Sedmak

Written by Jenna Sedmak

Jenna is the communications and client partnership manager with SME Strategy. She spends her time building relationships with the public, clients and partners through web content and podcast production, industry research, customer relations, project management and strategic plan implementation.

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