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Think Like Amazon - Interview with John Rossman (Live)

By Anthony Taylor - October 05, 2020


John Rossman is the author of Think Like Amazon, an advisor to multiple companies including T-Mobile, and sits on various other Boards of Advisors. With an impressive background of launching and scaling the Amazon Marketplace business and running the Enterprise Services business for Amazon, we're quite excited to welcome John as our very first live podcast guest.


In our conversation, John will share some of his most important lessons and learnings from his time as an Amazon Executive, as well as his book, Think Like Amazon. 



Here are somethings to look forward to in our conversation next week:

  • How to strategize like Jeff Bezos
  • How to make better and faster decisions
  • How to create a culture of innovation & accountability
  • & much more!


Join us live on October 14th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern:


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