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The ASP Virtual Conference Series 2020

[fa icon="calendar"] May 28 / by Jason Heckl

ASP(1)Over the course of the next four months, the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) will be hosting its annual Conference Series - virtually. Originally planned as an in-person conference in Whistler, British Columbia, ASP has chosen to move online in light of COVID-19. Despite the virus, a tremendous amount of value is being made available from June through September, including a combination of keynotes, masterclasses and virtual exhibitor halls.

Technology is disrupting and shaping industries, communication, and customer relationships right before our eyes. Especially evident today, organizations are being forced to adjust, adapt and pivot in the face of change. We’re seeing a spark of innovation push the business world to develop new operational procedures, new communication techniques, and new product or service delivery methods.

The ASP Virtual Conference Series theme for 2020 is coincidentally yet well-fitting for the times we’re living in now: Strategy & Technology: Harnessing Disruption, Transformation & Innovation. At this virtual conference series, strategy leaders and business managers can expect new ideas for adapting to the challenges technology brings forward, and therefore make strategic decisions around execution, oversight, and new technology.

The conference will be broken up into eight separate sessions and stretched over four tracks during the months of June to September, totaling two sessions per month. The eight sessions will be made up of four masterclasses and four Strategy Gateways, which include keynotes and interactive breakout sessions. The breakdown and schedule for each monthly track is as follows:


June: Strategy & Technology: Macro Intersections

  • 9th:
    • Keynote: Technology for Social Impact with Deepa Prahalad, Anuvaa LLC
    • Breakout session: Test Drive Your Critical Decisions with Richard Adler, DecisionPath
    • Breakout session: Computers and Strategy: A Match Made in Artificial Heaven with Mark Chussil, Advanced Competitive Strategies
  •  23rd:
    • Masterclass: Strategy War Rooms – Using Innovative Technology to Support Strategic Decision Making with Patrick Hoverstadt, Fractal Consulting
    • Exhibitor Open Hall: An interactive environment where you will be able to connect with our virtual conference sponsors by public chat, private chat or video

July: Leveraging Data & Analytics

  • 7th:
    • Keynote: Steering the Ship of State – How Strategy, Information Technology, and Data Visualization Guide U.S. Foreign Assistance Around the World with Eric Schoennauer, U.S. Department of State
    • Breakout session: Leverage Technology and Analysis to Implement a Strategic Early Warning Program with David Kalinowski, Proactive Worldwide
    • Breakout session: The Integration of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics in Strategic Planning with Eddy Abou Chakra, Vanguard Consulting

  •  21st:
    • Masterclass: Welcome to the Next Industrial Revolution with Terry Thiele, Synfiny Advisors
    • Exhibitor Open Hall: An interactive environment where you will be able to connect with our virtual conference sponsors by public chat, private chat or video

August: Leadership Dynamics

  • 11th:
    • Keynote: The Shakespeare Strategy with Brad Berens, Big Digital Idea Consulting, Inc.
    • Breakout session: When Disruption, Transformation, and Innovation Don't Go As Planned with Eva Hyder, CoverMyMeds
    • Breakout session: A CEO's View: Creating the Road Map for Transformation, High Performance Execution & Results with Alan Leeds & Joel Welde, Agile Strategy Manager & Medical Indicators

  •  25th:
    • Masterclass: A New Leadership Mindset for Orchestrating Transformational Organizational Culture Change with Gaye Clemson & Dr. Dana deNault, Globalinkage Consulting & Attentive Leadership
    • Exhibitor Open Hall: An interactive environment where you will be able to connect with our virtual conference sponsors by public chat, private chat or video

September: Strategy Tools, Techniques & Methods

  • 8th:
    • Keynote: Making the Promise of Strategy a Reality with the Enterprise Architecture Approach with Pierre Hadaya, ESG UQAM
    • Breakout Session: Middle-out Strategy: Inclusive Short and Long Term Strategy Design and Deployment for Maximized Engagement and Agility with Kevin Smith, Ephektiv
    • Breakout Session: Remote Working: The Power of Digitizing Brainstorming with Lou Troilo, Sharpcloud

  •  22nd:
    • Masterclass: Strategic Risk Management Workshop: New Tools for Competitive Advantage in an Uncertain Age with Paul Godfrey, Brigham Young University
    • Exhibitor Open Hall: An interactive environment where you will be able to connect with our virtual conference sponsors by public chat, private chat or video

For a more in-depth breakdown of the schedule including times, visit the ASP website.

Although this year’s conference series has been moved online, there has been no sacrifice of value. Not only will conference attendees get a chance to hear from top strategy leaders in various industries talk about very relevant topics surrounding technological disruption, there is also plenty of time for interaction, connection and questions.

Conference registration can be purchased by track (by month), or in its entirety (June to September). There is also an option for preferred pricing for organizations who register for the conference. To learn more about pricing for the conference and information on how to register:

Pricing & more info

*SME Strategy is proud be a corporate member of ASP, and excited to be a sponsor of the 2020 Virtual Conference Series.

Hope to see you there!

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Jason Heckl

Written by Jason Heckl

Jason is the Marketing Coordinator and part of the client partnership team at SME Strategy. He enjoys creating content and managing the digital strategy, working primarily with blog posts, web pages, videos, images, ads and podcasts.

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