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Strategy Execution: Balancing between Operations and Strategy

By Anthony Taylor - December 04, 2022

As a leader finding a balance between strategic planning and execution can be hard to achieve. You can have the best strategic plan in the world, complete with the strongest vision, mission, objectives, and goals, but unless you figure out how to cascade the plan to the right activities and people, you will not progress. 

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In this blog, we'll be examining how to establish an optimal balance between planning (strategic development) and doing (operational execution). This may seem straightforward, but organizations struggle greatly with determining how much time and effort to dedicate to each.

The fact is that organizational tasks are typically categorized as strategic planning or operational. Good managers never rest on their laurels and are always determining how to best allocate their team's time between the two spheres.


Anthony's Perspective

Hi, it's Anthony here. I'm the CEO of SME Strategy. In this section of Leader's Digest, I'll give you my perspective on the topic at hand. I encourage you to watch my included video, which will go into more detail.

 As a CEO, you may find it difficult to strike a balance between your organization's strategy and operations, especially if you're busy fulfilling other commitments.

At SME Strategy, we conduct a significant amount of off-site strategic planning. This involves leading teams through a strategic planning process, which entails aligning your organization's vision, mission, values, goals, and activities.

 Conventional wisdom tends to view the strategy pyramid (vision, mission, values, goals, and actions) from a top-down perspective. However, when it comes to implementing your organization's strategic plan, it is important to visualize the flow of the strategy pyramid as a horizontal one.

What do I mean by that?

Consider the execution of your organization's objectives as a linear path with two points: where you are now and where you want to be. As leaders, we can become fixated on the view from the top. So, instead of being 30,000 feet up, look at the landscape of your company from left to right—a more natural way of tracking progression and success.




Now, how do you make sure that all your strategic planning fits into your operations and gets done?

Make your vision your destination.

Think of the linear path mentioned above. Using this model, it follows that your organization's destination should be its vision, not its actions.

Too many times, after a strategic plan gets created, it doesn't account for inevitable future changes in operational tasks. Focusing too much on tasks and projects without thinking of how they lead your organization to its vision typically results in missed milestones and failed strategy implementation.


Final Takeaway

 Your strategy does not need to be a work of art; it simply needs to get your operations moving in the right direction—with the emphasis being moving.

Remember that every strategy or plan you implement is a living thing, not just a static document: it evolves with the economy and as your organization changes. However, your vision is consistent and unwavering—make it your guide.

 Interested in digging into this in more detail? Watch Anthony's Perspective.



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In this segment of Leader's Digest, we highlight a new approach to dealing with the topic of discussion. This will identify alternative modern solutions for your consideration.


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Here are some of our actionable tips that you can put into motion now to begin to effectively establish a balance between strategic planning and operational management.


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