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The Story of How FreshBooks was Built w/Mike McDerment

By Anthony Taylor - October 06, 2021

Mike McDerment is the Co-founder, Board Chair, and former CEO of FreshBooks, the cloud-based accounting software company recently valued at over $1 billion. Although the company has grown tremendously, it has humble beginnings in Mike's basement.

On this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Mike joins us to share the story of FreshBooks, how they were built out of the basement, the leadership principles he lives by, and much more.To learn more about FreshBooks and sign up for a free trial for your business, visit their website: FreshBooks.

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Here's a breakdown of the conversation:

    • Staying motivated in the early, basement days of the company
    • Important advice on prioritization
    • Mike's leadership principles
    • Getting attention as a startup
    • Mike's predications for the future
    • & more

Watch the full episode below, or listen to it (audio only) above.


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