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Next Webinar Jan 29th: How to get your team aligned and on the same page with strategic planning

By Anthony Taylor - January 22, 2020

On Jan 29 2020, at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT, we'll be hosting a Webinar/Q&A where we'll be going over our process for leading strategic planning meetings.

We'll share what preparation you need to do to leave your meeting feeling aligned and having achieved all your meeting outcomes.

We will:

  • Share the pre-work we do to support a successful strategic planning offsite
  • Share our process for getting alignment with strategic and operational plans, along with case-studies from past strategic planning sessions
  • We'll conclude with Q+A to help you have a successful strategic planning meeting

Meeting participants will also receive our strategic planning workbook to guide their strategic plan creation. (You must attend the webinar- Max 100 attendees)

See you on Jan 29th at 10 am PDT 1 pm EDT


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