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LIVE: How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive & Accessible

By Anthony Taylor - March 23, 2021

In a 2015 study, Deloitte reported that diverse companies earned 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee. And while diversity may just be a measure of success, inclusion is the ultimate goal. An inclusive workplace can improve the wellbeing of your employees, boost moral, and increase productivity. And on top of that, being truly inclusive will widen your pool of talent to choose from. Ultimately, an inclusive workplace is a better place to work.

To help us navigate the subject of inclusion and accessibility in the workplace, we're super excited to host a live conversation with Tova Sherman, an award-winning CEO with 25 years of experience in diversity and inclusion.


On April 15th at 9am PST (12noon EST), join us live for:

How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive & Accessible.


During our live conversation, Tova will be sharing some insights from her brand new book, including:

    • Real-life examples of how you can create a more inclusive workplace
    • Relationship-building habits to help you become more relatable to your team members
    • Five essential leadership questions to ask yourself at every point in your career
    • Common mistakes many leaders make when relating to employees
    • and much more!

About Tova Sherman

Tova-sherman-updatedTova is the Canadian born, award-winning CEO of reachAbility, an organization that works directly with companies to build their capacity for inclusion through education, training, and consultation.

She's also a TED speaker, and author of the brand new book, Win, Win, Win! The 18 Inclusion-isms You Need to Become a Disability Confident Employer.

To get a hold of Tova, connect with her on LinkedIn. To learn more about her work at reachAbility, visit their website: reachability.org

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