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How to Use the ARC to Improve Productivity

By Kevin Erickson - August 12, 2018

As you grow your business, you are likely to find yourself with some common challenges. After working with hundreds of clients in many different sectors, we’ve found a few things that commonly need to be given more attention. If you’ve been successful so far, and ready for you next level of growth, focusing on these things will very valuable.

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People play differently when they know the score

All too often, individuals and teams have no insight, on a day-to-day basis, into how they are performing. Developing a simple and visible way to communicate performance metrics can make a world of difference. The majority of your staff want to do great work. Define what great work looks like and let people know how their work stacks up against that definition, and do this regularly (at least bi-weekly). You’ll be surprised at how well they respond.

Leadership is a process

Many successful business owners became successful on their technical skill, delivering high-quality products and/or services. It is common for these owners to reach a point where a new skill is required. That skill is leadership; not just leading people, leading the business. Developing an effective structure and method of planning, goal setting, and communication is critical to leading your business toward its vision. This formal structure is what will keep your company focused on the goals that matter most.

Sales and Operations are not distinct

It is common for sales and operations to be treated as two distinct functions. However, from your customer’s perspective, these functions make up one experience of your company. Your customers really don’t care how you communicate behind the scenes, but the absolutely care how it impacts them. Start looking at sales and operations, and other functions involved, as one complete function delivering value to you customer. Ensure that one individual is clearly accountable for the performance of the whole process (and is managing the competing priorities and incentives). Consider Operations to be a customer of Sales and Sales to be a Customer of Operations. Doing so will change how these groups interact and will lead to improved product creation and/or service deliver.

GO Productivity works with organizations just like yours to improve productivity, increase internal capacity and streamline processes. We have two typical approaches when tackling a productivity challenge: advisory and training.

The framework we use is called the ARC, which stands for Assessment, Roadmap and Coaching. No two ARCs are the same: we work with you to identify your unique challenges, then develop the right solution for your business and help you implement it.

If you are in the lower mainland or on Vancouver Island, we may be able to connect to you funding to cover some of the cost of our ARC services. Are you interested in taking control and taking your next steps? Contact us for more information: 587-877-1072, kevin@goproductivity.ca, or visit our website


If your organization is working through the strategic planning process, these resources will guide you through your initial stages through to implementation: 


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