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How to Expand Your Organization's Leadership Capacity

By Anthony Taylor - March 06, 2019

In this episode, we were joined by Rebecca Zucker, the Founding Partner at Next Step Partners, an executive coaching and leadership firm in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York. With a background in business and finance, Rebecca began career in investment banking, eventually branching into international strategic planning while working in Paris. When she returned to the US, she returned to banking in a training and leadership capacity, which led her towards her current path of executive coaching where she now focuses on the people side of business. 

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Executive coaching is an individualized program that helps leaders expand their capacity and learn to lead their organization and people effectively, which can help foster organizational accountability and alignment. 

During our conversation, Rebecca walked us through the details behind each step of the executive training program, including:

  • The assessment phase, which includes a 360 assessment, Myers Briggs test, etc.
  • The development of key goals with a detailed development roadmap for the coaching cycle
  • The review phase with a sponsor (the company owner, executive, or another leader) to reinforce support and accountability for the coaching
  • The actual coaching, where regular meetings are held to help focus on the tactics in the day-to-day context to understand what’s working and what’s not working
  • The evaluation, where after approximately six months the client, sponsors, and coach assess the progress and next steps for the coachee

Listen to the full interview below



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