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A Strategic Approach to Better Systems and Interdependencies

By Anthony Taylor - February 15, 2023

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Why is effective team communication important?


When organizations don’t have a clear structure, system, and process for communication, it can lead to uncertainty, duplicate work, silos, and cultural issues such as apathy, frustration, and disengagement. 

In a 2021 Harvard Business Review article in collaboration with Workspace, they explained that only 14% of organizations feel they connect and collaborate well and have sufficient communication structures to do so. They believe that fostering a culture centered around thoughtful and intentional communication and collaboration will build stronger, collaborative teams that can move quickly and efficiently toward their goals. 





Signs that you may need Management Training on Team Communication:

  • Does it ever feel like your team is working hard, but not communicating in the most effective way? 

  • Are there times when critical information falls into silos between individuals and departments? 

  • Are people on your team ever uncertain about where to find the information they need at the moment, or whom to contact for it? 

  • Are there ever unclear expectations around how much information to share, and through which modality or forum? 

  • Do you have a strategic plan, but lack consistent follow-through on its execution?

These are some of the issues that may arise in organizations without a clear and cohesive communication structure that considers multiple interdependencies for both synchronous and asynchronous communication. 


What are the costs of not having effective team communication? 

Grammarly and The Harris Poll's investigation has revealed that poor workplace communication is a pervasive issue that is costing U.S. businesses an estimated $1.2 trillion per year - or almost $12,506 per employee.

As leadership teams, it is important to recognize the detrimental impact of inadequate communication and work towards improving it to increase productivity and collaboration for the success of your organization.

Your organization probably has a strategic plan it has developed, and you are probably in the midst of implementing your plan, but without the proper and effective team communication and interdependencies, your plan may stall, or fail to get executed altogether.

As leadership teams, it is essential to ensure effective team communication, connect organizational silos, and have a clear understanding of interdependencies in order to successfully implement strategic plans. Doing this will help foster a more unified and productive team, enabling you to reach your goals more efficiently.


Are you having a strategy meeting soon? Get our free 2-Day strategic planning agenda. This will provide the framework and structure to help you set and reach your organization's goals.



How does Management Training help your Team Communication?

Communication is vital to the success of any team, and management training is one of the most effective ways to help ensure that teams are able to communicate effectively.

Mapping out communication interdependencies between 1-on-1 and group meetings, as well as synchronous and asynchronous modalities, can help leadership teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently. By creating these pathways, expectations are shared, less information is lost or repeated, and duplicate work is mitigated. With greater access to the information they need to make decisions, teams will be more engaged and better able to work together to reach their goals. Make it happen and get the most out of your team's collaboration.


Team Communication Management Training: What's It Like?

At SME Strategy, we understand the challenges large organizations face when mapping out communication interdependencies and channels. As leaders of large organizations, it can be difficult to manage both your day-to-day operational tasks and do all the necessary work to successfully implement a strategic plan.

Our Team Communication and Interdependencies Management Training Program is specifically for leadership teams like yours. Our program is a 2- hour workshop within a year's worth of strategy implementation services designed to help you discuss and map out your existing methods of communication, as well as identify any gaps or needs your team will have in order to successfully implement your strategic plan.


In this Management Training Program on Team Communication and Interdependencies:

  • We work with your leadership team to discuss and map out your existing methods of communication alongside gaps and needs your team will have in order to successfully implement your strategic plan.
  • We become part of your leadership team and support you through communication and collaboration as part of your strategy implementation ensuring that your organizations leaders proactively assess your communication needs.
  • We help your team in Mapping out communication interdependencies that include 1-on-1 and group connection points and synchronous and asynchronous modalities will help teams move towards greater collaboration and shared expectations. 

By completing this module of our Management Training Program, your leadership teams will have the tools they need to improve how they communicate and work together, reducing the risk of lost or repeated information and duplicate work. With this improved capacity for strategy execution, teams will be more engaged and better able to work together to achieve outcomes more efficiently. 


Are you ready to improve your team's communication system and put your strategic goals into action? To discover more about our management training programs, schedule a call with us today.




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