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Does Your Organization Know How to Make the Best Decisions? This Month in Strategy - June 2017

By Jenna Sedmak - June 29, 2017


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Leaders of organizations of all sizes, across every sector, all have to make decisions. Small and large decisions are made daily, and it's important for leaders to be effective in the process and to avoid decision fatigue. Decision fatigue can occur when there are too many choices to make and the right answer seems impossible to find. By addressing your organization's key decisions in the strategic planning process, you can assess the big issues and lay out a road map for all other choices that may come your way. 
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Each organization is different, and each will develop their own way of handling decision-making that works well for them. This month's selection of articles share advice on developing your organizational decision making style, and include information about: knowing how to make effective and objective decisions, understanding when to use emotions in your decision making, learning how to avoid common decision mistakes, and how to make better choices overall. 

  • 7 Strategies for Making Objective Decisions - Inc

    When you're faced with multiple options, how do you know which one is the best for your organization? Inc shares 7 strategies that will help you with your next big decision: Understanding biases, creating lists, giving yourself advice, narrowing down your primary considerations, changing your assumptions, developing an objective system, and arriving at your final decision. 

  • Can You 'Feel' it? How to Use Emotional Decision-Making in Marketing - Entrepreneur 

    All the data in the world won't make a connection between your organization and your target market. Though there does need to be an element of rationality in all decisions, sometimes in marketing and advertising, going with your gut might be the right answer in order to forge connections and build relationships with your audience. 
  • Avoid Decision-Making Mistakes - Start a Decision Log - Forbes

    Does your leadership team struggle with indecisiveness? This article explains how starting a decision log can help combat this issue. By starting to understand what your decisions were and are, what choices were made, what alternatives existed, what the key impacts were, and who was involved in the process will help you set a clear path for future decisions you face. 

  • To Make Better Choices, Look at Your Options Together - HBR 

    When you have a big decision to make, do you look at your options one-by-one, or simultaneously? A recent study shows that by viewing your options together, at the same time, can help improve your chances of making a better choice. 

  • Decisions Decisions Decisions - Ted Radio Hour

    Do you understand the decision making process? This one hour podcast dives into how our brains work when we make decisions, which choices make us happier, why some decisions are harder than others, and how choices can empower us. This talk is great because it addresses how decisions are made in both personal and work life. By understanding how decisions are made, we can learn to make the best choices in the situations we are handed. 

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