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4 Steps to Improve Communication Within Your Organization

By Anthony Taylor - August 15, 2019

Communication is such an overlooked component of leadership and business, even though you spend so much time doing it.

Improving your communication by 10 or 20% can give you extra hours every day to do things, move your team forward, and be the great leader that you are. But how do you create better communication with your team and throughout your organization?

Here are some tips that could help you:



1. Make time to communicate.

The first step you can take is not necessarily having a strategic planning session, but creating opportunities and processes for communication. Just get everybody in the room. Often, the biggest challenges that happen with teams are due to insufficient communication.


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2. Create an ongoing process to communicate.

Whether it's daily huddles or weekly team meetings, make sure you're making time to talk about the right things at the right time. A clear purpose for communication makes a big difference to what the whole team is doing.

3. Identify all communication processes.

You can create a communication plan and identify all the communication that you do as a team on a regular basis. Ask yourself, "Am I doing the right communications at the right time with the right people, or am I missing something?" Doing so will allow you to see where the gaps or overlaps are in your communication.

The Four C's of Communication

When it comes to creating better communication, there are four characteristics that are helpful for better team leadership: Communication, Clarity, Collaboration, and Compassion.

1. Communication

If you want to be a better leader, you have to simply learn how to communicate better. Top down, bottom up, and all the way across.

2. Clarity

See to it that your communication is landing to where it needs to at the right time. Doing so will help everyone understand and use all the information effectively.

3. Collaboration

Make sure your team is working together to use the information in the best way possible. In that way, you can optimize and make the most of the fact that you have a team with you.

4. Compassion

Often, leaders are so focused on the bottom line, the business systems, and business processes. The truth is, having compassion for the people you're communicating with will not only improve the quality of your communication but also help you develop your leadership.

Putting This Into Action

The four C's of communication will guide you on your journey of being a great team leader. Keep in mind that the right communication at the right time will not only support you as a leader, but also empower your whole team to make the right actions at the right time.


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