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Avoid Burnout, Get Back Your Family Mojo & Double Your Financial Security w/Uwe Dockhorn Ep#123

By Anthony Taylor - October 12, 2021

Uwe Dockhorn is a Lifestyle Liberator who brings results to high achievers & their Very Important Partners (VIPs) without burning out.

He created The AIM-System™, a simple 3-step life-changing experience for In-Demand Professionals and their VIPs. Watch Uwe's free webinar: Get Back Your Family Mojo, Double Your Financial Security, and Live In Abundance in All Areas of Your Life.

On this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Uwe Dockhorn joins us to share his own story, how he came about his anti-burnout system, and how he helps people improve their life and business.

Listen to Uwe's podcast, Lift-Off With Energizing Results.


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Here's a breakdown of the conversation:

    • About Uwe and the moving story of how he got started
    • How he works with people to improve their life and business
    • His AIM System
    • His Vitality Formula
    • & more!

Watch the full episode below, or listen to it (audio only) above.


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