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Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is thought leader on strategy and leadership. He's a published author on the subject of entrepreneurship and strategy, Anthony can be found doing keynotes in both French and English. You can connect with him on Twitter @anthonyctaylor and have him work with your team on your strategy and organizational development.

Recent Posts

The #1 Challenge With Creating & Executing Strategic Plans

[fa icon="calendar'] September 17 / by Anthony Taylor

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Have you already created a strategic plan? Were you able to execute it successfully? Let me share one of the great challenges you are going to face as you create and execute one.

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Technology is Your Organization's Superpower-Podcast with Jeff Gothelf

[fa icon="calendar'] September 11 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Leadership, culture, strategy, product development

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In this episode of our Strategy & Leadership Podcast, we were joined by Jeff Gothelf, author of Sense and Respond. Jeff was a software designer for over 10 years, before eventually shifting his focus to providing value to customers by redefining the way design is integrated into software. This helped Jeff to develop his understanding of both product and culture development within a workplace, serving to help organizations deliver great products.

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Goal-Setting Within Your Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] September 04 / by Anthony Taylor

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Once you have created your strategic plan and have a clear vision of where you're going, you then need to figure out how to track and measure your success.

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Developing Culture in Your Organization

[fa icon="calendar'] August 27 / by Anthony Taylor

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Culture is the thing that drives performance. In different organizations around the world, you may have heard about the importance of developing one. It provides a lot of benefits, such as open communication, good teamwork, and dedicated employees, which affect nearly every aspect of a company. Here are three steps you can take to start fostering culture within your organization:

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How Creative Leaders Can Grow Through Listening & Mentorship w/ Melissa McComas

[fa icon="calendar'] August 26 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Leadership, podcast, strategy

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In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast, we're joined by Melissa McComas,  the Chief Strategy Officer at Piper Mantis Literary. Melissa originally started out as a junior executive before moving into retail buying, and then into a director position. She eventually opened her first brokerage in 1997, matching buyers and users in the multimedia sector for both consumers and B2B clientele. In 2000, the company evolved to include a wide variety of services that help clients bring their ideas to life.  

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Creating Better Communication Within Your Organization

[fa icon="calendar'] August 15 / by Anthony Taylor

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Communication is such an overlooked component of leadership and business, even though you spend so much time doing it.

Improving your communication by 10 or 20% can give you extra hours every day to do things, move your team forward, and be the great leader that you are. But how do you create better communication with your team and throughout your organization?

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Strategic Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] August 12 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning

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Are you leading an organization or a business? Whether you are leading a big or small organization, or a non-profit or for-profit business, you need to have a strategic plan. Here are three reasons why:

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