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AI in Business: Everything Leaders Need to Know w/Dan Faggella Ep#113

By Anthony Taylor - August 04, 2021

Dan Faggella is the Head of Research and CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, as well as a Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. 

Emerj has two functions. On one hand they are a publishing company talking to big companies from various industries to figure out what's working in AI in the real world, and bringing that to their audience. They're also a market researcher supporting leaders with data and assessment. 

Before joining Emerj, Dan was a black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter who competed internationally. To pay for school, he began training others and built a couple million dollar e-commerce business focused on martial arts training, which he would eventually go on to sell.


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On this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Dan joins our Managing Partner Anthony Taylor to discuss:

    • Why leaders should care about AI
    • How to manage change related to AI
    • The different types of ROI for AI
    • & much more

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Watch the full episode below, or listen to it (audio only) above.


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