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500 Tech Founders Weigh Into the State of Startups

By Anthony Taylor - December 23, 2015

Everyone knows that technology is changing the way we work, and new companies are disrupting the business landscape on a daily basis. If you are one of those companies that is changing the game and are blazing a new path for industry, how do you know what to do next, or where the best opportunities are, and how do you prepare your company to take advantage of them?

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Below is a survey of 500+ tech founders and their thoughts on the direction of their organizations, along with some of the strategic decisions they are likely to encounter, and the state of technology and start ups as a whole.

When developing or revisiting your business strategy, it's important to analyze the future environment that you'll be playing in. This will help your organization to work towards solving the problems of the future instead of the problems of yesterday.

Some of the findings that I particularly liked are below along with the full slide deck and presentation:

  • How important is international to your startup over the next year?
  • If you intend to go public, how long do you think it will be until your IPO? 
  • Approximately what percentage of your team is engineering?
  • Which sector best describes the type of company you're running?
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