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LIVE: The 3 Things You Need to Make Your Strategic Plan a Success in 2021

By Anthony Taylor - December 15, 2020

Is your team preparing for its annual strategic planning session? Or maybe you've just created the plan, and it's time to implement? If so, we've got an event for you.

Join us live on Thursday the 17th at 9am Pacific for 'The 3 Things You Need to Make Your Strategic Plan a Success in 2021'.


We'll be breaking down the 3, all-important components of a successful strategic plan and sharing: 

  • Why most strategic plans fail
  • The hidden costs of not having alignment
  • Our process for creating and leading strategic plans

Register and join us December 17th at 9am Pacific.


This event could very well be the final and most important training you attend this year.

Over the past ~10 years, we've been working closely with the leadership teams of various organizations from just about every sector - healthcare, professional services, agriculture, universities, nonprofits - you name it.

What we've learned is fascinating. 

Even organizations with the smartest people, the biggest budgets, and the most effective management structure suffer from consequences that may sound all too familiar: disengaged team members, underperforming teams, and the inability to execute.

Organizations create solid and coherent strategic plans all the time that fizzle out and die after just a few months into the implementation cycle. 

This Thursday at 9am Pacific, join us live to learn the 3 things that will make your strategic plan a success in 2021.


Plus, stick around till the end for Q+A and a bonus tool to help get the rest of the team bought into your process. 

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