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Amazon Prime Business Strategy for Customer Aquisition

[fa icon="calendar'] July 15 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales, Marketing, Business strategy, Business news

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Amazon customer strategy business

So today is July 15th and it's Amazon Prime day, declared a day with better deals than Black Friday. I took a peek, and so far it's pretty good. 

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Strategy to market your business #34 : Be unique

[fa icon="calendar'] May 23 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales, Entrepreneurship, Business strategy

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Marketing yourself and your business is one of the most important parts of owning a business.

It can also be one of the most challenging.

Throughout the next few months I'll outline a few strategies that will help your marketing and help you build a successful business.

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Buying from an ostrich, selling info products and networking more effectively.

[fa icon="calendar'] April 24 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Event Marketing, Networking, Sales

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Networking, marketing, and selling; things we do every day as business owners.

Do you sell like an ostrich?

First I wanted to share a commercial that I saw recently for stride gum.

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How can pricing strategies affect your business.

[fa icon="calendar'] March 21 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales, Accounting, Business strategy

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How do you come up for the price of your service?

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Your business is a person, but is it a likeable person?

[fa icon="calendar'] November 17 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales

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As the adage goes : People do business with people that they like, know and trust.

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Want to be successful in business? Connect before you pull.

[fa icon="calendar'] November 03 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Networking, Sales, Business management

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As you know, I talk a lot about strategy. What your business is, what it isn't, and how you can be successful in it.

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Sales Excellence -lessons from Peter Legge

[fa icon="calendar'] September 26 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales, Business management

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Last night I was invited to the launch of the Peter Legge institute of sales excellence.

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Why Mad men go for expensive lunches and dinners.

[fa icon="calendar'] September 17 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales, Business management, Marketing

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This past weekend I did a talk about outlining your business plan , and one of the areas that I touched on was the cost structure, and revenue streams of businesses.

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Double up promotion from Starbucks.

[fa icon="calendar'] August 17 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Sales, Marketing, Business strategy

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Are you one of those people that need a coffee to get you going? Sometimes you even need a second coffee in the middle of the day just to get through the day? Apparently there are alot of us out there, and Starbucks knows it. When I went to get my morning coffee the other day they told me that with my receipt I could come back after 2 pm to get an Iced coffee for only two dollars. I thought this was an awesome promotion for a few reasons:

-mmm Iced coffee in the summer

-That's a great discount on an iced coffee

- Those sneaky buggers are going to get me to COME BACK so I can get my coffee from them, and not a competitor.

There are a few marketing concepts that go into this promotion including: increasing the dollar spent per customer and incentivizing the customer to come back to the store ( maybe they will buy food too).

Starbucks does a great job of cross selling their customers , and manages to sell extra products where typically one is sufficient. Another company that is most well known for up selling is Mcdonalds with their famous line: " would you like fries with that?"

What products or promotions can you offer to your customers for up sale/cross sell, and through that increase their lifetime value to you?

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