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Anthony Taylor is thought leader on strategy and leadership. He's a published author on the subject of entrepreneurship and strategy, Anthony can be found doing keynotes in both French and English. You can connect with him on Twitter @anthonyctaylor and have him work with your team on your strategy and organizational development.

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The Importance of Your People & Why Connections Matter in Your Organization - Interview With Lorie Corcuera

[fa icon="calendar'] December 04 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Leadership, culture

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Lorie Corcuera is co-founder and culture creator at SPARK Creations, an organization that helps other businesses build (or re-build) their cultures around their people. Lori explains that SPARK helps to humanize work by putting the focus on people, to help them understand who they are, and how they can live their most effective life, both in their personal lives and at work.

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Create your strategic plan and support men's health. #movember Fundraiser

[fa icon="calendar'] November 08 / by Anthony Taylor

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I'm a part of a group called the Whiskey Wisemen. It's a society across North America that supports non profit organizations that do good, while also learning about and consuming Whiskey.

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Creating Impact in the community + Vote for us

[fa icon="calendar'] November 06 / by Anthony Taylor posted in SME Strategy Updates

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One of the best things about working in strategic planning is that we help organizations doing great things in the world.
Strategic planning impacts every non profit organization, and since we are one of the best strategic planning blogs out there (humble brag) we get to see these non profits and help them be more effective and accomplish their goals.
That's really why we do what we do, we get to help people.
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How to develop your strategic plan + other strategic planning related questions.

[fa icon="calendar'] October 18 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning

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Developing a strategic plan is a valuable process to have both a strategic planning document that guides the organization, as well as to ask important questions that will allow you to uncover different needs that exist in your organization.

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How to Become a Social Enterprise - Interview with Bob Prenovost

[fa icon="calendar'] October 17 / by Anthony Taylor posted in podcast

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Bob Prenovost, who is the Managing Principal at Propellor Advisors, joined us on our Strategy & Leadership Podcast to explain the strategic benefits of social enterprises. While we commonly think of a social enterprise as being either a non-profit or a not-for-profit organization, a social enterprise can also be a for-profit company that is committed to a social cause, whether it be for example humanitarian or environmental. Regardless of the sector, Propellor Advisors' mission is to help organizations become social enterprises. 

We asked Bob why organizations might be interested in becoming social enterprises, especially non-profit organizations who might be struggling to retain funding. He explained that government and donor funding is increasingly limited, and not guaranteed, and the continuous search for funding may take more resources and output than income generated in the end. 

Get 15 Questions to Ask Your Team - Strategic Planning QuestionnaireBob walked us through ways that non-profit (and for-profits, too) can become a successful social enterprise: 

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Join us for the SME Strategy Toronto Mingler September the 29th

[fa icon="calendar'] September 19 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Networking, events

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On September 29th we will be heading east to do some stakeholder engagement and we're going to take the opportuntiy to host one of our famous minglers and meet some great folks in Toronto.

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Brock McDonald-Building the system around your strategy.

[fa icon="calendar'] September 14 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, strategic management, podcast, process

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In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast, Brock McDonald, the CEO of the Recycling Council of BC, joined us to chat about strategic planning, team building, establishing partnerships and leading initiatives within a non-profit environmental organization. Brock has worked with the Recycling Council of BC since 2003 where their mission is to minimize and eventually eliminate waste. 

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What is the Role of a Strategy Leader? Interview with Jonathan Rewers

[fa icon="calendar'] August 16 / by Anthony Taylor posted in Strategic planning, Business strategy

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In this issue of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast, we talked with Jonathan Rewers, the Manager of Design Strategy and Delivery at the City and County of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.  While Jonathan works with a wide variety of projects within his role, his main purpose is to lead teams through the strategy process to provide innovative ideas and solutions for city transportation. In essence, Jonathan is a problem solver. 

During our chat, Jonathan shared information about some of the recent projects he's been working on, and also delved into the following topics: 

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Aug 15th Webinar: Why use a strategic planning facilitator for your next meeting.

[fa icon="calendar'] August 11 / by Anthony Taylor

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Join us on August 15th at 1pm EST/ 10 am PST for a webinar where we will go over the benefits to you and your organization to use a facilitator for your upcoming strategy meeting.

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University of Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck demonstrates building culture.

[fa icon="calendar'] August 10 / by Anthony Taylor

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We talk about using culture to drive behaviors as part of the strategic planning process.

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