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Free Strategy Resources

Thank you for choosing SME Strategy to help with your strategic planning.

Keep going!

To improve the outcome of your facilitation and support your strategic plan implementation,

we've put together select resources to support you and your teams.


Free Strategy Tools

Strategic Planning Workbook

Our Strategic Planning Workbook is the perfect resource to bring to your strategic planning session. Print it out and fill in the blanks, and you'll have your complete strategic plan in physical form for all to see.

Some of the key areas of the workbook include:

  • Where are we now?
  • Vision of the future
  • Core values & behaviours
  • Goal setting & priorities
  • Risks & roadblocks
  • Milestones & deliverables

Access our free Strategic Planning Workbook.


Strategic Plan Template

This fill-in-the-blank Strategic Plan Template will help your and your team identify and visualize: 

  • a common vision & mission of your ideal future
  • your current state, using various analysis tools
  • measurable goals your people will be accountable to
  • risks & roadblocks to watch for
  • an action plan with specific steps for everyone to take

Have everyone print this out and bring it to the strategy session!

Download our free Strategic Plan Template.


Goal Setting Guide & Worksheet

Our Goal Setting Guide explains how to set measurable goals and the important of intentional, focused goal setting. We also break down our 7 best practices for goal setting, including:

  1. Focus on the what, not the how
  2. Be specific & set metrics
  3. Track what is important
  4. Goal setting formulas
  5. Use leading & lagging indicators
  6. Gather inputs & consensus
  7. Have an owner or champion

Access our free Goal Setting Guide & Worksheet.


Strategic Planning Questionnaire

The Strategic Planning Questionnaire is for the early stages of strategic planning. This is your chance to make sure you are asking the right questions of your team before you set out on the strategic planning journey.

These 15 questions will allow you to generate alignment around a common vision and goals later in the process.

We use this process with each of our clients, in order to get a idea of what people in the organization are thinking, feeling and doing.

Get 15 Questions to ask your team - our Strategic Planning Questionnaire.


Strategy Health Quiz

Our Strategy Health Quiz is the way for you to find out how well (or how poorly) your organization is doing with its strategic planning, and how to improve.

Answer 15 multiple choice questions on different parts your organization's planning process including goal setting, values, communication and more to receive customized feedback.

As part of that feedback, we'll direct you to some helpful tools & resources specific to the challenges your organization is facing.

Take our free Strategy Health Quiz.

Resources on Culture


Resources on Strategic Planning



  • Cascade Strategy is our favourite software for tracking and monitoring a strategic plan. Access a free two week free trial of Cascade Strategy.

Resources on Change Management


Resources on Communication