Terms & Conditions


Organization Qualifications:

  • In order to qualify for this program, your non-profit organization needs to be well established (in existence for 3 or more years) and have a minimum operating budget or funding of $40,000 USD (or $40,000 CAD for Canadian organizations) per year.
  • Your non-profit organization must have a director (i.e. ED, chairperson, etc.) level leader who will be responsible for overseeing the strategic planning process and implementation cycle internally. This person must also be able to liaise with the SME Strategy consulting team for all planning related communication.
  • Your non-profit organization must have a minimum of 10 core members (either staff, board, or highly involved volunteers) 

Application Guidelines: 

  • Application deadline: March 31, 11:59pm PST, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis (you may receive acceptance for early 2021 planning dates if you apply early and are accepted). 
    • Strategic planning sessions must be held in 2021 with dates and times to be agreed upon between SME Strategy and your organization.
    • Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis, with applicants receiving notice no later than 2 weeks past the application deadline 
  • Once we assess your application, a virtual Zoom meeting will be required between your strategy leader(s) and our consulting team to finish the application process.
  • While we appreciate all applications, submissions do not guarantee acceptance to our program. We will be accepting 5 applications. 

If your organization is accepted:

  • Upon acceptance, payment of $12,500 USD is due in full. SME Strategy will issue your organization a donation of $10,000 USD in return within 14 business days (your total cost will therefore be $2,500 USD) 
    • *Note: Canadian non-profit organizations will be billed $12,500 CAD and receive a $10,000 CAD donation
  • We will hold a pre-strategy kick off call with your strategy leader(s) to book the date(s) of your session(s
  • We require a minimum of 7-days notice to schedule, cancel, or rebook a strategic planning session, whether in person online (with the exception of emergencies)
  • The full program runs for 8-12 weeks, which includes pre-work, sessions (5 x 3-hours), and wrap-up calls
  • Upon completion of the work, SME Strategy requests a true and honest testimonial in written or video format