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Elevate your team with new training opportunities

Investing in your team’s ability to manage projects, lead teams, and communicate effectively will support the accomplishment of your strategic plans, minimize conflicts and risks, and optimize resource allocation.

Elevate your team’s capacity and ability to create and execute your strategic plan with alignment, buy-in, and leadership across your organization.

All these training courses are available within our strategic planning implementation programs. 

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High Impact

Your organization is unique, and we’re prepared with a plan to fit your style. In as few as 3 hours or as many as two days, your teams get the opportunity to gain a new lens on their existing programs and can quickly develop new solutions that will transform your organization.


Engaging Courses

Nothing is worse than attending a training session that feels like it drags on and takes pots of coffee to keep participants engaged. Our training programs use multiple modalities—like presentations, small group breakout sessions, large group discussions—and the most up-to-date technological tools to keep participants engaged while maximizing learning and retention.


Personalized Training

Our training is rooted in best practices for adult learning best and customized to participants’ specific needs. Your team will have the opportunity to reflect on their own needs and challenges and commit to specific implementation steps to move forward. We use the Socratic method to stimulate critical thinking and draw out ideas and underlying preconceptions to help shift thinking to a new perspective.


Relevant Information

Training is only as valuable as its ability to be applied. Through discussions with your team, we’ll recommend training and content that best supports your immediate organizational objectives and provide a framework to fill any skills gaps your teams might face.

Our Training and Development Programs

Pre and Post Work

We work with you to make sure your objectives for the training are clear and aligned with our work plan, and provide next steps on how to move forward after training. Pre work may include surveys, interviews, and assessments to best understand the needs and skills gaps in order to make the most of your training sessions.

Fill in the Blanks Templates and Workbooks

For our strategic planning, scenario planning goal setting, and communication workshops, we have workbooks and templates that guide your team through their learning. Not only do they have the content from the training session, they also have resources to review and refer to later. This will help them communicate the training outcomes to their own teams.

Video Content to Support Training Objectives

In addition to the workshops that we lead for your team, we can include additional video content for participants to utilize after the session. These include our catalog of online courses, customized training modules, and recordings of the session itself, which you will own upon completion of the training.

Diverse Content in All Areas of Management

Our subject matter experts teach several modules and scaffold the learnings so that each session builds from the last. We aim to help your teams succeed in all areas of your organization, which requires a broad understanding of planning, engagement, and alignment topics.

Program topics include:

  • Monitoring, Tracking, and Reporting
  • Leading and Cascading the Strategy, Goals and Actions
  • Project management
  • Change management and stakeholder engagement
  • Prioritization
  • Alignment of values, behaviours, and culture
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communication Interdependencies 
  • Goal Setting/Reviewing & Action Planning Best Practices
  • Team Development

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