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Strategic Alignment Program


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  • Align your Board or Leadership team around a vision, mission, values & goals
  • Get buy-in & input from your leadership team
  • Get clear about where you're going and what you need to do to get there


  • Participant Pre-survey and Interviews
  • Strategic plan recap in Word, Powerpoint and One Page Infographic.
  • Three Coaching calls to support implementation
  • Access to SME Strategy Members-only Resources
  • 12 Months of Quarterly Check in calls


  • VIRTUAL (5 3-HOUR SESSIONS) $12,500
  • IN-PERSON (2 DAYS): $16,500
  • IN-PERSON (3 DAYS): $21,500
  • (Exclusive of flights and accommodation billed at cost)

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Once you complete your strategic planning, it's time to implement.












Strategy Implementation Packages Include

Monthly Project calls and Quarterly Strategy Reviews

Stakeholder Engagement Sessions

1-1 Leadership and Executive Coaching

Group Leadership Training 

Documentation and Playbooks

Access To Asynchronous Training

 Increase your leadership team's performance and impact.





Develop your organization's ability to foster a positive culture and lead a transformational change. Best for Medium sized organizations with 200-350 Employees





Deepen your leadership's capacities for tracking, monitoring, and communicating the strategic plan progress and lay the groundwork for future transformational change. Best for Medium sized organizations with 50-200 Employees





Build a foundation for your leadership's capacities for tracking, monitoring, and communicating the strategic plan progress. Best for Small organizations with 20-50 Employees


Strategy Implementation Packages

Key Features
Monthly team calls
Stakeholder engagement sessions
Quarterly strategy reviews
30 hours of as needed consulting and implementation support
5 hours of monthly leadership coaching
4 leadership training workshops
10 hours per month of leadership team coaching.
10+ Leadership training workshops
40 hours of as needed consulting and implementation support



Building Leadership Capacity

To guide you towards your One Destination

Here are some of the workshops that we can offer to build your team's capacity to implement strategy successfully. 



  • Goal Setting/Reviewing & Action Planning Best Practices
  • Team Communication & Interdependencies
  • Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting
  • Leading and Cascading the Strategy, Goals, and Actions
  • Fostering the culture you want through values and behaviors
  • Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement
  • Introduction to Change Management Preparation and Best Practices
  • Implementing Change Management
  • Team Development Best Practices
  • Prioritization


Asked Questions

Should we do our strategic planning virtually or in-person?

There are many benefits to doing your strategic planning session online as well as in-person.

We go over the various benefits in the video and infographic below.




Do you have a strategic planning consultant near me?

We offer strategic planning services online and in person all over the world with facilitators located across North America. 

Depending on your location we may have one of our facilitators go to your location, or we might suggest working online. 

How long does the strategic planning process take?

Once we agree to work together on your strategic planning, we typically have a minimum of 3 weeks of pre-work, including interviews, a group survey, and document review. 

From there we'll facilitate your strategic planning process in person (2-3 days) or online (5 weeks). 

Once we complete your initial strategic planning process, we'll provide a written recap in 10 business days. 

Once your strategic planning process is finished, our Implementation Plans run for 12 months or more.


Do you have someone that specializes in our industry?

Great question! Sometimes, yes.

That said, our process is industry agnostic as has been successful with dozens of different industries and companies big and small. 

On the small chance you're in an industry we haven't worked with, we'll focus on making sure we understand important terminology and buzz words when going through the pre-work phase, so we can quickly get up to speed. 

Do you offer stakeholder engagement as a part of the strategic planning process?

Yes we do (at an additional cost). Depending on the needs of your organization you may need to consult with internal and external stakeholders as part of your strategic planning process. 

These sessions are typically 2-3 hours long and can vary from 5-150 participants.


What if we can't commit to a full strategic planning process?

If you aren't sure if your team is ready for a full strategic planning session, we do 3-hour Alignment sessions to get have a conversation about:
-What's going well?
-What's not going as well as we'd like?
-Where are we going as a team? 
-What do we need to do next to get there? 

These sessions are virtual, include pre-work, and cost $2,500.

If you'd like to start here, you can contact us for a consultation. 

Do you work with non-profits?

About 40% of the clients we work with are non-profit organizations. 

This includes local, regional and national membership organizations, financial and education institutions, and mission-driven organizations. 

We believe for-profits should act more like not-for-profits, and not-for-profits should act more like for-profits. 

The better you do financially, the more you can do for your community. We want to help.

Ask us about our non-profit discount. 

What if my team is.. stubborn and loud?

Don't worry, we won't tell them you clicked on this.

All our facilitators are trained to deal with conflict and to be able to lead challenging conversations with passionate people. 

Our approach to facilitation is by asking questions and having all participants reflect for themselves on the answers.

We make a point of having equal airtime, and making sure everyone feels heard.

That said, your team needs to be coachable, willing and open to participate in such a process, and if they aren't then there's nothing we can help with. 

What if my team has never done strategic planning before?


Whether you are a seasoned veteran of strategic planning or this is the first time reflecting on your mission and core values, our process will make sure everyone on your team participates and gets the learning outcomes and deliverables from the strategic planning process. 

Do I need to do the Alignment Program before I do implementation?

Yes. We don't take on any implementation or transformation clients without first making sure they have a clear One Destination. 


How do I get started?

Fill out the form below to schedule a no obligation introduction call.

We'll learn more about you and your needs, and we'll let you know if we think we're a great fit to support your team alignment and strategic plan implementation. 

That's it! So easy. 

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