Use a specialized facilitator for your next strategic planning meeting to ensure your meeting is a good investment of time and you get the results you want:

A clear vision of the future and buy-in from your team

Clear goals and action steps to achieve your strategy 

Improved communication and teamwork

Greater alignment and culture 

Greater performance and execution, and more...


We'll structure and lead the meeting for you, provide you with a recap, and coach you on how to best execute the plan with your team.

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We use an exclusive process called Aligned Strategy Development 
You will get alignment with your leadership team, your strategy, and your whole organization. 

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8 benefits of using a facilitator for your next strategy meeting

One day strategic planning session

A one day strategic planning session is perfect for a business or non-profit who wants to get alignment on their:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values  
  • Strategic priorities
  • And action plans.

Two day strategic planning process

Taking the time to dedicate two days to go through the complete strategic planning process will allow you and your management team to look into the future to establish what needs to be done and what you should be aware of on your path to success. 

  • Key Issues specific to your organization and industry
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values  
  • Core competencies and competitive advantages relative to your competitors 
  • Analysis of trends if your industry and in the global economy
  • Risks and road blocks
  • Communication and implementation plan.
  • Team building activities
  • Strategic priorities
  • And action plans. 

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