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What is the benefit of working with a facilitator? (Shouldn’t the CEO lead the strategic planning session?)

As a CEO, it is difficult to facilitate while fulfilling your leadership obligations. Here are the reasons why your organization needs a facilitator as a strategic planning process partner.

CEOs are central to the strategic planning process. They make sure that their working knowledge about the business is shared with everyone involved in the planning, champion the process, and act as the highest level leader for setting the standards of the organization. The CEO, with the support of the executive leadership team, drives the vision and mission of the organization.

However, if your CEO is facilitating the strategic planning process, they will be unable to participate along with their leadership team, and there may be biased opinions and power imbalances when seeking suggestions from each other. Working with a strategic planning facilitator is an excellent approach to ensure that your CEO can participate alongside their team in the strategic planning process while simultaneously acting as a visionary and key leader to drive future success.