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What does a strategic planning session look like? Do you have an agenda?

Key elements of the planning session with detailed descriptions of virtual and in-person agendas

The core outcomes from the strategic planning process will provide clarity, alignment and buy-in for your Vision, Mission, Values Strategic Priorities, Goals, & Actions. In advance of the planning process, we will conduct a survey and interview key leadership team members and participants as well as some key stakeholders. After the process is a documented plan and recaps with defined objectives and metrics.


Virtual or In-Person Strategic Planning Agendas: 

SME Strategy is available for virtual and in-person facilitation times to meet the needs of organizations in all North American (and many global) time zones. You can visit this blog to understand the elements of each to determine what works best for the needs of your organization. 

While the first phase of in-person strategic planning is usually completed in two 8-hr working days, the online process is held over five weeks with 3hr sessions, roughly one week apart.

This allows enough time to take a deep dive into the work each session, with space for creative thinking, reflection and any homework between each session. 



Sample Agendas:

If your organization is hosting an in-person strategic planning session, check out our 2-Day Sample Strategic Planning Agenda.

Or, if your organization is preparing to work through the process online, check out our Virtual Agenda

While our agendas ensure that we cover all of the essential components of the strategic planning process, each organization may need to make minor adjustments to fit their needs (ex: timing of breaks, shorter or longer distance between virtual sessions, shorter or longer in-person days, adding an additional day, etc.).