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Want to contribute your insights with the SME Strategy community? 

Write for us. 

We want to hear about why you'd be a good fit for our Strategy Insights Blog. We talk about a wide range of business strategy topics both locally and globally, and are always interested in what others have to say, too. 

Get in touch if you have a specific topic you'd like to talk about, are interested in writing a regular blog post, or would even just like to make a suggestion about a topic you'd like to learn more about. 

Our readers are senior leaders focused on organizational strategy and leadership. 

Our blog guidelines

Offer value, keep it simple, and make it actionable.

  • Friendly, professional and written in first person.
  • Uses subheadings to break up content
  • Uses short paragraphs and bullets points
  • Exact content cannot be published elsewhere on the internet
  • Final submissions must be publish ready. (Minimal editing required)
  • We do not reference or accept articles from websites that do not meet our code of ethics, for example, college or university essay writing sites. 

What you get

  • Author Byline: Each article and blog will be attributed to you, the author, with a 60 word bio and photo which can include links back to your website or social media pages.
  • Our Audience: Our website receives over 35,000 views per month from strategy leaders from our the world.
  • Our Following: Your content will also be shared with our social media following; helping to increase awareness of your brand.

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